Why Diamond Rings Are Worth the Investment:

Insights from Rare Carat
Diamonds are the most expensive precious stones and are used for different kinds of jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings. Since both men and women wear finger rings, many people would like to find out whether it is worth investing in diamond rings, especially engagement and wedding rings. This Diamonds Buying Guide provides detailed information on the advantage of investing in diamond rings and some factors which will help to maximize the increase in the value of the diamond ring which has been purchased.


Every Diamonds Buying Guide will indicate that it is worth investing in diamond rings because diamond rings are very durable. Diamonds are the hardest precious stones available, and if they are handled properly, they will retain their luster and shine for centuries. Due to inflation the value of diamonds and diamond rings will also increase, so after a few decades, a quality diamond ring can be sold for a price that is far higher than what the diamond was originally purchased for. Alternatively, the diamond ring can be used as a family heirloom or gift for the younger generation, many young people use the engagement ring of their parents or grandparents for their own engagement, saving a significant amount of money.

Larger diamonds

The value of a diamond depends on the size and rarity of the diamond. Larger high-quality diamonds are more expensive, and so every Diamond Buying Guide will recommend that the diamond buyer should invest in the largest diamond which he can afford to purchase. It is advisable to purchase the diamond from a reputed seller like Rarecarat.com, the top-rated diamond marketplace in North America. They have thousands of diamonds from more than 150 wholesalers and retailers listed for sale, so the diamond buyer can easily search the diamonds available, to compare prices, and quality of the diamonds to get the best deal.

Easy to carry

Another reason why diamond rings are a recommended investment is that it is easy to carry them, though they are expensive. Often migrants and others are forced to move from one place to another, leaving behind their homes and other immovable assets. They can easily wear or carry one or more diamond ring with them since it is light in weight and compact in size. In case of financial problems, the diamond ring can be sold to get money quickly or alternately it can be pawned to get a loan. Usually, the diamond is set in gold or platinum, and the value of the precious metal will also increase with time. 

Long Term Investment 

However, diamond buyers should be aware that the value of a diamond ring will decrease immediately after it is purchased, the diamond seller will usually offer a lower price if the buyer tries to resell the diamond ring a few days or a few months after it is purchased. To maximize the investment value of the diamond, the diamond buyer should retain the diamond ring for at least a decade. Since there are a large number of small diamonds, their value does not increase significantly over time. So, it is better to purchase large diamonds of size one or more carat, since these diamonds are rarer and more valuable. 

Diamond Quality 

In addition to the size of the diamond, if a buyer wishes to purchase a diamond ring as an investment, he should also consider the diamond’s quality. The clarity of the diamond is one of the most important parameters for determining the diamond quality, and flawless diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. Hence most diamond buyers prefer to purchase eye-clean diamonds, which are flawless when inspected by the eye. VVS1, VVS2, and VS1 diamonds are eye clean, though some VS2 and SI1 diamonds may also be eye clean. The color of the diamonds varies depending on the impurities and minerals in the diamond structure, and some diamonds are also fluorescent. Blue, pink, and red is some of the rarer colors, and the diamond value again depends on rarity. 


While purchasing a diamond ring, buyers should ensure that the diamond is certified by the GIA or IGI. This makes it easier to find out the market value of the diamond and resell it if required. Rarecarat.com provides GIA /IGI certification for all the diamonds it sells so it is recommended for buyers who are planning to purchase a diamond ring as an investment.