Do Pool Tables Have a Good Resale Value?

Selling your old pool table allows you to employ the same abilities and flair that make pool the ultimate sport.

Sales of pool tables have increased by 20% to 30% over the past ten years, reflecting the recent surge in interest. Selling a pool table doesn’t have to be difficult, and doing so may lead to a sizable profit.

How Much Is a Pool Table Worth When Sold?

When most people make the decision to sell pool tables, they frequently research their competitors online. Tables may cost anywhere from $200 through $6,000, and the quality of these varies noticeably.

These are the most important factors to take into account when determining the value of your table. First, when you have a pool table for sale, check with your local recreation store and see if they sell them on consignment basis.

Think About the Age

Whether a pool table is classic or merely ancient depends on how old it is. It may be able to bring in a sale if it’s in decent condition. Antique tables are sought for and considered classics.

Examine the state of the table

Is the condition of your table good? Does the table have a sturdy base and is the felt intact and free of stains? You can be missing out on a few dollars if you don’t. Before attempting to sell the table, think about making an investment to repair it.

Is It a Certain Make and Model?

If it’s in great shape, an inexpensive, off-brand billiard table may sometimes be purchased for $200 to $400. Check the brand to know whether a table similar to that is available anyplace on the internet. If they’re in good shape and bear the stamp of the appropriate brand, some of these may fetch as much as $20,000.

In spite of its bad state, a table should never be asked for less than $300. Although buyers will attempt to negotiate a lower price, you should be compensated for the investment made.

Dusting the Surface of the Table

It can take some effort to remove any stains or discolorations due to the soft texture before attempting to sell pool tables. There are several approaches to this, so choose the one that works best for you and give it a brand-new appearance.

Use water and dish soap. Use of excessive water might harm the felt and the surface of the table underneath it. A felt cleaner is recommended for upscale tables. In order to optimize the repair process, the $20 investment in this specific cleaner is well worth it.

Avoid heating the surface. This may damage the felt and perhaps result in bubbling, rendering the table useless. Keep everything cold when you’re cleaning.

Sell without billiard balls or cues

That said, this isn’t a deal breaker if you don’t have billiard balls or cues, or if you don’t want to give them up. Most customers are prepared to spend the extra money on accessories so long as the surface is undamaged and in excellent condition.

Though if you think they’re in excellent enough shape to justify it, you may ask for more of these.

How Pool Table Shipments Are Handled When Selling One

A typical pool table weighs anything from 100 to 1,000 pounds. The table’s slates weigh between one hundred and one hundred fifty pounds apiece, even though you may dismantle it and you should for shipment.

Regretfully, due to their respective 75-pound shipment limits, USPS and FedEx are not eligible for this weight. You will need to mail it via UPS instead. After carefully disassembling the pool table according to the instructions, figure out how much shipping will cost for each nicely wrapped part.

The typical delivery cost might soon reach the hundreds of dollars. There are certain websites that provide free shipping, but as an eBay seller, you shouldn’t expect to be able to take advantage of this offer.

Instead, your purchasers can decide to come pick it up from your house. Many could ask for assistance if that’s the case. The buyer must, as a general rule, be able to remove it from your property.

It can be less expensive for you to hire a truck or van and handle the relocation yourself because most moving firms charge between $100 and $300 per hour.

Garage or Yard Sale

The biggest issue with garage and yard sales is that you never know who could notice your postings or signs and decide to go. It might be challenging to maintain your ground while negotiating a price reduction or haggling because most yard sale attendees are accustomed to doing so.

Thankfully, though, passers-by will say if they know of someone who would be interested in the table. If someone in their family suggests making a purchase, consumers are 83% more probable to do so.


The resale of pool tables offers a stable and potentially profitable business opportunity due to the enduring popularity of billiards, the durability and quality of the tables, the niche nature of the market, customization possibilities, and potential for offering related accessories. By providing value to customers and focusing on quality products, pool table resale can be a good business choice.