Tips For Traveling to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a modern city with plenty of history and appeal. Anyone considering taking a trip to this city can benefit from a few expert tips and tricks to ensure they have a pleasant and hassle-free journey to and from their destination. Keep reading to learn more about the various ways to get the most out of your visit. 

Flying to and From Philadelphia

Philadelphia has two airports to choose from for visitors. There’s Northeast Philadelphia Airport and Philadelphia International Airport. When you’re flying, you’ll want to get the best deals, so that usually means you can find more discounts plying to the Philadelphia International Airport. Budget airlines usually have red-eye deals and flash sales that include international airport locations. These deals usually appear in the early morning online and may require you to adjust your travel schedule, but the savings may be worth the slight inconvenience. 

Airport Parking

If you’re looking for overnight airport parking, long-term airport parking at locations like Expresspark Southlot is a great option. It’s easy to get in and out and prevents you from having to take public transport to your hotel because they provide a shuttle service. This type of parking is economical and safe, which helps ensure you have a pleasant and streamlined travel experience. 

Car Rental

Renting a vehicle to get around is more economical than ride-sharing or using public transport. If you do choose public transportation, expect delays along the way and many stops. Renting a budget-friendly car can help you save on gas and ensure you get where you need to be without waiting for rides or the bus. It’s also safe and allows you to change your schedule when you decide without worry. It’s a bonus to reserve your rental car a few months in advance to ensure you keep your reservation and avoid issues when you arrive. 

Check for Discounts on Hotels

Many people don’t realize they can get great discounts at their hotels by using a third-party booking site. These companies compile offers from hotels all over the country and allow you to sort through the best offers. Using the filters allows users to sort by price, star rating, best deal, and proximity to specific locations. 

Hotels also have rewards programs that provide participants with discounts or free nights for using their chain as frequent customers. Ask to sign up for their rewards program when you check in to start saving money. 


Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful and expensive. Take some time to check out these methods for saving money and making your visit to and from Philadelphia more enjoyable. The best way to take advantage of these options is to book or call in advance for details and reservations.