Quit Shaving With Laser Hair Removal

Shaving is known as a quick fix for getting rid of unwanted hair. However, this quick fix comes with a lot of challenges, such as ingrown hair, little red bumps, and cuts. If you are a victim of shaving, you must put your furry foot down and look for a permanent option for hair removal. 

People who are used to shaving believe it is too late to opt for laser hair removal. But let me tell you, it is never too late to focus on yourself and opt for options that will yield long-lasting results. You can bid farewell to the back-and-forth business of shaving if you invest in laser hair removal for good. 

Laser Hair Removal 

Many people believe that laser hair removal is too risky to invest in. If you are one of them, you must erase the thought immediately. Laser hair removal is one of the most popular procedures for permanently reducing hair. 

The procedure involves targeting the melanin in the follicle by using heat. The heat damages the stem cells responsible for hair growth. Laser hair removal comes with low to no complications if the right treatment and tools are used. 

Laser hair removal is the safest option to get rid of hair; however, a condition must be met. You are putting in time and money for your laser treatment. So, there is no way you can settle for a mediocre place to get your laser hair removal treatment from. 

If you want to get value for money and long-lasting results, then you must get your laser hair removal treatment from Fluid Spa and Salon. 

Easy Fix At Fluid Spa And Salon 

Fluid Spa and Salon is home to many services, including haircuts, hair color, massages, etc. the aestheticians at Fluid Spa and Salon are highly skilled in their fields. They are known to make custom plans to help you look and feel better.

The famous salon offers laser hair removal services to help you get rid of unwanted hair. Fluid Spa and Salon offers a free consultation to customers where you can learn about the service, price, and duration. Moreover, the consultant recommends the right treatment based on the need of your body. 

There are many typed of laser technologies, and Fluid Spa and Salon ensures that it uses the best ones available. The two best brand names or technologies used are IPL and ND: Yag laser. The spa ensures that the laser technology used is the latest, safe, and effective. 

According to Fluid Spa and Salon, laser hair removal does wonders on thick dark hairs on light skin. This means if you have dark hair and dark skin, then laser removal treatment will require more sittings than usual. However, you will notice a big difference after 2-3 laser sessions. 

Fluid Spa and Salon aims to sell an experience to customers by ensuring ease of use at every step. The salon is highly professional and transparent to customers. Fluid spa and salon display exact prices on the website to help you plan the laser hair removal treatment accordingly. 

A One-Time Cost 

Laser hair removal might seem expensive at first. But it offers a long-term solution, eliminating the need to shave your body constantly. You go hassle-free after getting laser hair removal. So, the price of the treatment must be viewed as an investment rather than a cost.

Fluid Spa and Salon’s laser hair removal is a bit pricey. However, it is because the salon uses high-end technology and tools to ensure safety and effectiveness. The usage of high-end technology reaps better results, so you will have to take lesser laser sessions and will experience a reduction in your hair growth quickly. 

At Fluid Spa and Salon, laser underarm costs $80. The salon understands that your armpits are sensitive, so it takes extra care of them by using chemical-free products. In contrast, a laser for the entire face is priced at around $110, which is a steal considering the quality of the treatment. 

Laser for full arms and full legs costs $125 and $289, respectively. Many people have experienced slowed or no growth after the first laser session. So, you might have to take no more than 2-3 sessions to stop the growth of hair on your arms or legs. 

You can also get a laser for the chest at only $130. Fluid spa and salon understands that not everyone is comfortable with getting a chest laser. Therefore, the salon encourages people to opt for a free consultation to feel relaxed.

Once you feel confident and comfortable around the aesthetician, you can get the laser hair removal treatment. The staff is highly friendly, so you can share your concerns, be yourself, and express your fear without hesitation. 

Fluid spa and salon allows you to make an appointment online. This saves you from the hassle of waiting at the salon or wasting time. Moreover, it is a great deal for introverts who dread making phone calls. So, if you know the service you want to get, then you can book online on the official website. 

However, you must feel free to visit the fluid spa and salon, meet a consultant, and then book an appointment. Remember that you don’t need to rush anything. Take your time and feel comfortable before opting for laser hair removal. 


Bid farewell to shaving and welcome laser hair removal with an open heart. Laser hair removal is a charm because its benefits are long-lasting. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with dry skin, strawberry-textured skin, or ingrown hair.  

If you are convinced to take laser hair removal treatment, there’s no better than Fluid spa and salon. This renowned salon in Langley uses high-quality technology and tools to offer value for money. In addition, the staff is highly professional, so your skin and sanity are in safe hands. 

You must visit the website and check the services yourself. The level of professionalism, care, and transparency will convince you to book a slot online and get its services as soon as possible.