Lab-grown diamonds: an invitation to know more about them

Over the past few years, lab-grown diamonds have become incredibly popular due to their great beauty, eco-friendly processing, and competitive price compared to natural diamonds. However, this high level of popularity has sparked countless myths and misconceptions about lab-grown diamonds. Because of this, it is necessary to learn more about these beautiful stones through knowledge and education. A Lab Grown Diamonds: Complete Buying Guide of Lab Diamonds | Rare Carat will help everyone to know the truth about these cultivated stones and shop with a full understanding of what they need to know.

To begin with, a cultivated diamond is a gemstone that is created using technological methods that simulate the geological processes of natural diamond creation. A lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond are made of carbon and have the same optical, physical and chemical characteristics.

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The value of diamonds

The diamond is the most beautiful, rare and sophisticated stone on Earth, which is why its value is so high. In fact, diamond jewelry is reserved for special occasions such as an engagement ring, when a man proposes to the woman of his life.

Natural diamonds are much more expensive than lab-grown diamonds because the process is more expensive. However, this process damages the Earth’s ecosystem, generating numerous inconveniences.

To talk about prices, we can take as an example a 2 carat diamond, which has several variations. The 2ct may vary from $6000 to $59000  whilst the price of 3 carat diamonds may vary from $28,000 to $121,000.

If we take a 3 carat diamond as an example, the differences will continue to surprise us. In the case of natural diamonds, the3 carat diamonds price varies between $41,848 dollars and $56,216 dollars. In the case of cultivated diamonds, the price varies between $8,054 dollars and $8,400 dollars. It is worth mentioning that the prices mentioned above vary daily, depending on the market.

Lab-grown diamonds represent a much lower price than natural diamonds. Before purchasing a diamond, it is necessary that you consult Rare Carat to be correctly guided towards the perfect purchase. Visit and ask all the questions you need.

Myths and Misconceptions

The popularity of lab-grown diamonds has grown exponentially over the last few years and this has raised many questions. The first thing everyone wonders is whether lab-grown diamonds look the same as natural diamonds. The truth is that they do look the same because they are both made of carbon and have the same basic characteristics. The only difference is that natural diamonds are born in the ground and lab-grown diamonds are created in a controlled environment.

As lab-grown diamonds have spread around the world, their price has benefited. Natural diamonds take a much longer creation process, which is why they are more expensive, among other reasons. Lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds are perceived as the same because they are essentially the same.

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