Top 12 Famous Scientologists

Lets see  what are the famous Scientologists members? Recruiting and retaining Scientologist celebrities and promoting Scientology to the wider public have been important to the church of Scientology since its early days. In this article, we learn about the Scientologists that have the most popular and the most known Scientologists in the world. Today in this article, we have looked at A Scientologists as a follower of the doctrines and beliefs of Scientology. In this article, we will take information about the most popular Scientologists around the world. let us see, the top 12 most famous Scientologists who left.

List Of 12 Famous Scientologists

Lets see famous Scientologists list top 12 Scientologists who are most popular.

  1. Kirstie Alley
  2. Anne Archer
  3. Emily Armstrong
  4. Jennifer Aspen
  5. Laura Prepon
  6. Lynsey Bartilson
  7. Vince offer
  8. David Campbell
  9. Nancy Cartwright
  10. James Packer
  11. Leah Remini
  12. Stanely Clarke

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Top 12 Famous Scientologists

Did you know the famous Scientologists of all time? This research is part of the most extensive research on the most huge fans of Scientologists. We will discuss the information about the above top 12 most favored Scientist of all time.

  1. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley is an American most famous Scientologists actors and spokesmodel. Kristie Alley was born on 12 Jan 1951. She first gained recognition in 1982 playing the role of Saavik in the science fiction film star trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In 1995 Kirstie Alley received a star on the Hollywood walk fame.

  1. Anne Archer

Anne Archer

Anne Archer is top of the most famous American Sscientologiest actresses. In 2014, she told the Guardian Scientology has meant a lot in her life. Anne Archer won widespread acclaim for her portrayal of Beth in the sensual psychological thriller film fatal Attraction, which earned her nominations for an Academy Award, a bafta award, and a golden globe award for best-supporting Actress. Anne Archer was born in Los Angeles, California, the USA on  24 August 1947.

  1. Emly Armstong

Emly Armstong

Emly Armstong is an American famous Scientologists musicians. Consists of Emily Armstrong Siouxsie Medley and sean Friday, best known for their single Weatherman From their debut album Dead Sarah in 2012. Emily Armstrong started out as Guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

  1. Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen

Jennifer Aspen is great of the most popular Scientologist actresses. Jeniffer has nearly 100 credits to her name as an actress. In 2012 becoming a mother Jennifer developed into creating, directing and producing her own projects. In 1995 Aspen debuted and later went to make guest appearances on several television shows such as Hope & Gloria, and Hills.

  1. Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon is the greatest of the most famous Scientologists who have left in 2016. In 1999 Laura Prepon joined the church when she was working with Danny Masterson on the set of that 70s show. Laura Prepon is heavily influenced by the Masterson family to the point that she is fully involved with the ideology behind the church of Scientology doctrine.

  1. Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Bartilson

Lynsey Bartilson is one of the Scientologists famous is an American actress, dancer, and singer. Since Childhood, Lynsey Bartilson has been a member of the Church of Scientology and is active in several Scientology-related organizations like Youth for Human Rights International. Lynsey Bartilson was born on July 1, 1983, in Edina, Minnesota United States. Lynsey Bartilson began a career at age of three as an actress.

  1. Vince Offer

Vince Offer

Vince’s offer is significant for the most famous ex-Scientologists who left in 2002. Vince Offer is a Screenwriter, producer, director, actor, and informational pitchman best known for his commercials for the products slap chop and Shamwow. Vince Offer was born in Israel on April 25, 1964. He has directed and acted in the films Underground Comedy film and Inappropriate comedy with Adrien Brody, Dante, and Michelle Rodriguez.

  1. Jason Lee

Jason Lee

Jason Lee is one of the most celebrity Scientologists who might surprise you. Jason Lee was born on 25 April 1970, who has an American actor, producer, photographer, comedian, writer, and skateboarder. The ex Name is Earl actor had been rehearsing Scientology since the 1990s but in 2016 left the church with his family.

  1. Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright is a practicing Scientologists for many years. Nancy Cartwright is the voice of Bart Simpson on the traditional energetic show. She expressed in this YouTube video that religion makes her like to be God. In Los Angeles, she recorded a call using Barts’s voice to motivate people to listen to a Scientology event in 2009.

  1. James Packer

James Packer

James Packer is most of the wealthy Scientologists with a net worth is $6.4 billion. James packer befriended Tom Cruise and for a time attend the church of Scientology in Australia. James Packer is the chairman of Crown Limited, one of Australia’s largest Leisure and resort groups.

  1. Leah Remini

Leah Remini

Leah Remini is excellent in the Secret Scientologist because Remini reveals the church’s most shocking alleged Secrets. Leah Remini revealed some surprising facets of Scientology during a Reddit AMA publicizing her new A&E series.

  1. Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke is the most popular Scientologists, who is most famous as a Jazz Bassist. Stanley Clarke was born in Philadelphia on 30 June 1951. Stanley Clarke joined Scientology when Brought to it in the 1970s by fellow musician Chick Corea.

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Who Is The Most Powerful Scientologist?

David Miscavige (/mɪˈskævɪdʒ/; born April 30, 1960) is the leader of the Church of Scientology and, according to the organization, “Captain of the Sea Org”.

Are There Scientologists In Canada?

The Scientology movement has been present in Canada since at least the 1960s.

Do Scientologists Get Taxed?

Although the Church of Scientology was initially partially exempted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from paying federal income tax, its two principal entities in the United States lost this exemption in 1957 and 1968.

 Who Are Famous Scientologists Today?

Celebrity Scientologists include:

  • Kirstie Alley.
  • Anne Archer.
  • Catherine Bell.
  • Nancy Cartwright.
  • Erika Christensen.
  • Chick Corea.
  • Tom Cruise.
  • Jason Dohring.

What Organization Is Tom Cruise A Part Of?

the Church of Scientology

Cruise joined the Church of Scientology during his first marriage to Scientologist Mimi Rogers, after Top Gun had already made him a star.

Who Is The Most Famous Person To Host SNL?

Actor Alec Baldwin holds the record for most times hosting, having done so seventeen times since 1990; Baldwin took the record from actor Steve Martin who has hosted sixteen times since 1976. Several former cast members have returned to take on hosting duties.

Is Seinfeld Still A Scientologist?

Seinfeld is Jewish and has incorporated elements of his Jewish identity in his work. Seinfeld stated that he took a Scientology course when he was in his 20s; he said that he found it interesting but that he didn’t pursue it any further.


In this article we have researched some information about the most famous and how many people are Scientologists. In this article, we got information about the Most popular Scientologists and their award achievement. Today we have taken a look at some information about the Most widespread and most popular Ex-Scientologists who have left. In this article, we learned about which inscribes someone is a Scientologist. I hope the article on the top 12 famous Scientologists after reading this article useful to You.

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Who are some celebrities who practice Scientology?