Famous Asscher-cut Diamond Jewelry

Being famous or catching the eyes or attention of everyone is what a social influence aims to achieve. This is so important as part of their lives to earn more income or sales like to gain more subscribers and have more watch hours if they are earning on their own social media platform or if to have more people to buy if they are promoting on a particular product. The emergence of diamond rings and how they capture the minds and hearts of many people keeps increasing as they are now popular in the world of jewelry and accessories. This article is all about the famous Asscher-cut diamond jewelry that features Rare Carat, an online diamond retailer now famous in terms of diamond rings they offer online.

Famous Asscher-cut Diamond Jewelry

History of Asscher-cut

If you want to have the style, cut, or design of a diamond-like in the 1920s, then the Asscher-cut diamond works for you. In the early 20th century, a well-known king in England entrusted Joseph Asscher to cut the largest colorless diamond that was ever found during that period named Cullinan. Under the direction and supervision of Joseph together with his brother, they became so best and enhance their skills at diamond cutting that they came up to create their own unique cut which is originally from their last or family name and that is Asscher-cut. It was the first ever diamond cut to be patented in the 1920s and became the symbolic shape of a diamond. To learn more about the history of Asscher-cut, kindly browse their site www.rarecarat.com, for you to be educated and appreciate its origin and how it becomes so popular nowadays. You can also buy from Rare Carat‘s website as they offer high-quality diamond rings like natural diamonds that came from land mining and they also have lab-made diamonds that are grown inside laboratories that have the same exact physical features as natural-mined diamonds. They are known for their top-quality diamonds having competitive prices as well as excellent customer service as they have their live agents waiting to assist and guide you online for you to have the best diamonds in the universe. You can have conversations with their live agents as they are always happy, friendly, and knowledgeable enough to cater to your diamond needs.

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Best Feature of Asscher-cut Diamonds

Instead of having brilliant cut facets like what common round diamonds have, Asscher cut is like the emerald cut which has step-cut facets. One of their unique features is the uber-cool angled corners which makes them more octagonal to see. Since Asscher-cut diamonds have more facets, you can have more sparkle-like shining armour that looks so brilliant once you wear this diamond ring. Once there’s so much sunlight in your surrounding that its beauty and brilliance will always glow. Even if they look smaller compared with other diamonds that have the same weight, what diamond users love about this cut is their gorgeous tapered edges and attractive square within the square vibe that are shining in the centre of these diamond stones. To learn more about the beauty and brilliance of Asscher-cut diamond, Rare Carat aims to inform and give relevant diamond details considering those 4 C’s like their carat weight, perfect cut, clarity grade, and color that must be present in any diamond. They have informative blogs and important articles posted on their site like a diamond buying guide and helpful diamond charts so that any diamond user especially the beginner ones will learn more about the importance, uses, and how to search for best deals diamonds that are suited for them.

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