Cushion-Cut Diamonds in Artistic Representations

Resembling the shape of a cushion or pillow with a slightly square or rectangular shape, a cushion-cut diamond is a perfect choice for engagement rings. It’s a vintage diamond cut armed with a prolonged history of being chosen for engagement rings. The soft pillow-like shape is what gives the name cushion to this brilliant cut of diamond. If you have always desired to own a fascinating cushion-cut diamond, then you can shop at Rare Carat.

The origin of cushion-cut diamonds

The first cushion-cut diamond was found in the 1700s in Brazil. During this period, the major percentage of the world’s diamond mining pivoted in Brazil. In such a scenario, diamond cutters in Brazil preferred the old mine cut since it helped enhance carat retention. The cut became highly popular in the 19th century and almost all mined diamonds were shaped into this cut. It was so popular that some of the earliest diamonds in the world – the Regent Diamond and the Hope Diamond were cut into this shape.

This means that the cushion-cut Diamond as we know it today came down from the old mine cut. It has drawn inspiration from the Peruzzi, candlelight, and table cuts. With the progress of technology and the emergence of efficient diamond cutting tools, the quality of modern diamond cuts also improved. Today, the way in which cushion-cut diamonds can hide blemishes and flaws is next-level artistry. The soft-rounded corners of the diamond can conceal any flaw that the stone has and gives a beautiful shiny appearance. This shows that cushion-cut diamonds offer higher clarity compared to emerald and princess-cut diamonds.

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The timeless appeal of cushion-cut diamonds 

The timeless appeal of cushion-cut diamonds has been in vogue since the 1700s and it was a ubiquitous choice of aristocrats and royalties. This shape of diamond was popular during the Edwardian and Victorian eras and further gained popularity during the Art Deco period. The cushion cut is a diamond known for its vintage and romantic appeal which is hard to resist even for modern buyers. It’s a matchless choice for those who love the elegance and glamour of antique pieces.

With endless sizes and colors to select from, you will surely find a cushion-cut diamond to fit your choice and style. In addition, the exceptional sparkle is what allows the cut to stand out. The facet pattern containing 58 facets is responsible for reflecting light to create a stunning display of shimmer and fire. The facet size is what determines the extent of the diamond’s sparkle. To ensure a greater flash of sparkle, the facet must be larger.

When the facet size is smaller, you will only see a smaller burst of sparkles. While larger facets make it easier to spot inclusions, it also makes room for the differentiation of white light into astounding spectral colors. No matter whether you have an affinity for a classic or an edgy design, you can buy online at reputable stores like Rare Carat.

Selecting the right cushion-cut diamond 

A few aspects need to be factored in before you buy online cushion-cut diamonds from Rare Carat. First of all, the ratio of cushion-cut diamonds of length to breadth should be 1.2:1. Whether you want to go for a square or rectangular cushion-cut diamond simply boils down to taste and preferences. Several types of cushion-cut diamonds are available and you can choose from elongated cushion cuts, antique, and square cushion cuts. Jewelry pieces crafted with cushion-cut diamonds are highly unique and what you will wear is truly one-of-a-kind. Above all, when you are choosing a cushion-cut diamond, the world will know the value and elegance of your choice. And why not? The cushion-cut diamond has long been associated with royalty.

Final words

Cushion-cut diamonds are among the most popular diamond shapes for over three centuries now. It is highly adaptable to all kinds of jewelry designs and makes an ageless choice. If you want to shop lab created diamonds by shape you can browse Rare Carat to find elegant diamonds that display lovely shades and have soft rounded corners. The symmetry, proportion, and polish of the diamond reflect light in the most outstanding way. So what are you waiting for? Browse Rare Carat and buy online today.