Why branded video content is important for your marketing plan

Marketing is always evolving, and in the digital era, something that has gained great importance is video content. Audiovisual media has become quite prominent in the modern day, with most social media sites focusing on both short-format and long-format videos to keep people’s attention.

Brands must find different ways to attract their target audience and continue improving their offer. Branded video content can help businesses in different ways, from helping you explain your product or service to optimizing your brand and making it more user-friendly.

Gear Seven focuses on video content marketing. We adapt our knowledge to your needs and align ourselves based on your marketing goals.

A survey by Wyzowl found that about 92% of marketers believe that branded video content is quite important for their marketing strategies. What is the reason for that? Let’s find out together the importance of video marketing and why it could be the key to your brand’s success.

7 Reasons why video marketing matters 

1. It helps you build credibility.

One of the main goals of marketing is to earn the trust of your target audience. Presenting yourself as a credible and reliable brand is essential, and branded video content can help you achieve those goals.

You can create videos with different intentions. For instance, some of the most common options include the following:

  1. Inform your audience about your product or service.
  2. Give updates about your business.
  3. Provide valuable information to your clientele via short-format videos.

All of these content options can help you build credibility and make your brand more appealing to your audience. It can also help you communicate with your target, allowing you to address their inquiries and needs and let them know that you’re working on improving your brand for their satisfaction.

Brands must find different ways to attract their target audience and continue improving their offer. Branded video content, like targeted TikTok ads, can help businesses in different ways, from helping you explain your product or service to optimizing your brand and making it more user-friendly.

2. It helps you explain your product or service.

Branded video content can help you present what you’re offering to your audience. The same survey by Wyzowl showed that 94% of the participants said that branded video content helped them understand a product or a service better.

No one buys a product without getting to know it first. It’s important for them to know at least how it works and what solution it could bring into their lives. Hence, branded video content can help you provide such information to your audience and let them absorb it more easily through audiovisual media. Many brands already include tutorials about how their product works or perhaps answer the frequently asked questions on their website. Furthermore, brands have started incorporating videos into their SMS marketing strategy. You can send your video to thousands of potential clients at a time using bulk SMS software, which enables you to quickly fire off thousands of texts in minutes. All you have to do is add your video URL in the message, and all of your recipients will be able to view it by clicking on the link. This is a creative and easy way to reach your entire contact list in just a few minutes. 

3. It helps with SEO. 

Search engine optimization is essential in the modern era. It allows you to rank yourself above your competitors and allows you to improve your visibility. Hence, your branded video content should be not only for your audience but also for Google.

You can use multiple platforms to upload videos and achieve good results. However, since YouTube is part of Google, you’ll have a better performance if you choose it as your video site.

Sometimes, a video can rank better than articles or regular posts whenever you search for something on the web. For instance, it’s easier for kitchen recipes or DIY videos to rank above text-only posts due to the nature of the content.

To optimize your video content further, you can consider using a free online video editor tool. With this tool, you can enhance your videos, add special effects, trim or merge clips, and make other edits to make your content more engaging and professional.

4. It helps you in different ways.

As mentioned above, there are different uses for branded video content. For instance, you can choose to post on traditional social media sites, like Facebook or Instagram, and keep your audience engaged with what you have to offer by uploading short-format videos or stories.

On the other hand, it’s also possible to go live and interact with your audience in a more intimate way. All social media platforms include an option to start live streaming from any location. Live videos seem to have more success than regular videos, according to reports from Facebook.

Last but not least, if your brand allows it, you can also offer webinars and increase the interaction you have with your target audience even further. You can, for instance, give a special class and teach your customers something new about your niche or perhaps answer questions that people may have about your product as they watch your live stream. 

5. It helps you boost social sharing.

It’s very common for people in today’s world to share videos they like or find entertaining with their friends. This statement is especially true for social media sites like Instagram or TikTok, which make sharing videos with your peers easier. 

Hence, if your videos are fun and engaging enough, your audience will be likely to share them with their friends and help you increase your interaction in the process.

Social sharing is beneficial in different ways. You can increase your exposure, stand out among your competitors, and attract more people to your website, among many other benefits. It’s essential to take advantage of branded video content to promote your business even further.

6. It helps you increase your Return on Investment (ROI) rate.

ROI depends on several factors, but if you organize your branded video content strategy well, you may experience very positive results. 83% of the people who participated in Wyzowl’s survey said that their ROI rate increased after optimizing their website with video content.

7. Most people prefer video.

Times have changed, and although all-text content is still going strong, video has proved to be the preferred media by most people. It can be time-consuming, expensive and complicated to produce, but there are ways to make it work.

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