What Is The Pound Key?

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In the world of telecommunication and digital interaction, the pound key stands as a familiar symbol. Referred to by different names in various contexts, this symbol holds diverse functions across devices and platforms. Let’s explore the pound key’s significance, evolution, and its various uses in today’s communication landscape.

What Is The Pound Key?

The pound key, symbolized by the “#” sign, is a character found on telephone keypads, computer keyboards, and various digital interfaces. Known by different names—such as the pound sign, number sign, or hash symbol—it holds distinct roles across different technologies and industries.

Evolution Of The Pound Key:

The origin of the pound key dates back to the 1960s when it was introduced on telephone keypads to provide users with a means of signaling and navigating through automated phone systems. Over time, its utility expanded beyond telecommunications into computing and digital media.

The Pound Key In Telecommunications:

In telephony, the pound key serves multiple purposes. It acts as a signaling mechanism for users interacting with automated systems, allowing them to input numeric or character-based responses, navigate menus, or authenticate information.

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The Pound Key In Computing And Digital Media:

In computing and digital contexts, the pound key has diverse applications. It’s used in programming languages, social media platforms, and search engines as a tagging mechanism, creating searchable categories, known as hashtags, to group related content together.

Common Uses Of The Pound Key:

  • Telephone Systems: In telephone systems, the pound key helps users navigate voicemail, automated customer service lines, and enter codes for various functions.
  • Hashtags: In the digital sphere, the pound key, when followed by a word or phrase, forms a hashtag used on social media platforms to categorize and aggregate content around specific topics or discussions.
  • Programming: In programming languages like Python or JavaScript, the pound key is used for specific purposes such as comments, preprocessor directives, or defining macros.

Understanding Pound Key Variations:

The pound key has regional and contextual variations in nomenclature. In some regions, it’s called the hash key or hash symbol, while in the context of computing, it’s often referred to as the hashtag, especially in social media settings.

Pound Key And Its Global Significance:

The ubiquity of the pound key in modern communication underscores its global significance. Its presence spans across languages, cultures, and technological platforms, serving as a unifying symbol in the digital age.


The pound key, often underestimated in its simplicity, holds multifaceted significance across telecommunications, computing, and digital media. From its roots as a signaling tool in telephony to its evolution into a powerful symbol for categorization and navigation in digital spaces, the pound key stands as a testament to the ever-expanding language of modern communication. Its versatility and adaptability underscore its indispensability in our interconnected world, bridging diverse technologies and facilitating seamless interactions across various platforms and devices.


What Does The Pound Key Do?

Before it was used to begin a hashtag on social media, we’ve known it as the “number sign” or the “pound key”. While you can use this to begin a hashtag on Twitter and Facebook (and other social media and websites) you use it on your Cool PBX to speed up the process of making a telephone call.

What Is Meant By Pound Key?

[ pound-kee ] show ipa. noun. a push button on a telephone or key on a computer keyboard that is marked with a pound sign (#).

What Is The Key Pound?

“Pound sign” or “pound” are the most common names used in the United States, where the “#” key on a phone is commonly referred to as the pound key or simply pound. Dialing instructions to an extension such as #77, for example, can be read as “pound seven seven”.

What Does The Pound Key Look Like On A Keypad?

You can either tap the “#+=” button to find the pound sign, or you can hold down the dollar ($) sign to see the pound sign option. The pound sign can be found in the numbers and symbols keyboard on Android devices. Once you’ve switched to the numbers and symbols keyboard, tap on the £ to include it in your text.

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