What Is A Frat Wedding?

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What Is A Frat Wedding?

Weddings are a time of joy, love, and celebration, where couples come together to exchange vows and embark on a lifelong journey together. While each wedding is unique and personal, there are various themes and styles that individuals choose to incorporate into their special day. One such theme is the “frat wedding,” which combines elements of brotherhood, camaraderie, and a festive atmosphere. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of a frat wedding, its characteristics, and the experience it offers to the couple and their guests.

Embracing The Fraternity:

A frat wedding, also known as a fraternity-themed wedding, draws inspiration from the camaraderie and traditions associated with college fraternities. It embraces the spirit of brotherhood, friendship, and the lively atmosphere often associated with frat parties. Couples who choose a frat wedding theme aim to create a fun and energetic ambiance while celebrating their love and commitment.

Characteristics Of A Frat Wedding:

  1. Colors and Decor:

The color scheme of a frat wedding often reflects the fraternity’s colors or incorporates vibrant and bold hues. Decorations may include fraternity banners, Greek letters, and symbols, along with traditional wedding elements such as flowers, table settings, and lighting.

  1. Attire:

The attire for a frat wedding may reflect the fraternity theme through subtle or explicit nods. Grooms and groomsmen might wear suits or tuxedos in colors matching the fraternity’s hues, accompanied by accessories such as fraternity pins or cufflinks. Brides and bridesmaids may incorporate the colors or symbols into their dresses or accessories.

  1. Symbolic Elements:

To further embrace the frat theme, couples may incorporate symbolic elements associated with fraternity traditions. This could include a unity sand ceremony using colored sands representing the fraternity’s colors or incorporating fraternity chants, songs, or rituals into the ceremony or reception.

  1. Energetic Atmosphere:

Frat weddings often exude an energetic and festive atmosphere. This can be achieved through the choice of music, entertainment, and activities during the reception. DJs or live bands may play a mix of party anthems, classic hits, and songs that hold special meaning for the couple and their fraternity.

Celebrating Unity And Brotherhood:

A frat wedding goes beyond the superficial elements of the theme and celebrates the unity and bond between the couple and their loved ones. It brings together friends, family, and fraternity brothers to commemorate the love story of the couple and create unforgettable memories in a vibrant and spirited setting.

Personalizing The Fraternity Theme:

While a frat wedding theme offers a unique and lively atmosphere, it is essential for couples to infuse their personal touch and style into the celebration. Incorporating elements that reflect their journey as a couple, their shared interests, and their individual personalities can create a more meaningful and personalized experience.


A frat wedding is a celebration that brings together the spirit of brotherhood and the joy of a wedding. By incorporating fraternity-inspired elements, couples can create a festive and lively atmosphere that reflects their shared values, friendships, and love. While the theme adds a unique twist to the traditional wedding setting, it is the commitment and love between the couple that remains at the heart of the celebration. A frat wedding offers an opportunity to merge tradition, camaraderie, and celebration into a memorable and joyous occasion for all involved.

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What Happens During A Greek Wedding?

The wedding consists of two parts: the Service of Betrothal and the Service of the Crowning. The latter consists of five sections: The Prayers; The Crowning; Readings from Scripture; The Common Cup; and the Dance of Isaiah.

What Is Considered A Frat?

The word frat is short for fraternity, and both words mean “body of men associated by common interest,” from the Latin root fraternitatem, or “brotherhood.” A frat will usually have their own house and a name made up of two or three Greek letters.

How Much Money Do You Give At A Greek Wedding?

Plan to spend around $75-$100 for the wedding gift per person. If you’re attending as a couple, add value to the gift accordingly.

Why Do They Throw Money At Greek Weddings?

“In our tradition, when the newlywed couple dances, family and friends throw money on them to signify good fortune and prosperity. The guests also take turns leading the bride and the groom in the circle dances, starting from the immediate family and filtering down to friends.


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