Vvs Diamonds: A Treasure Passed From Generation To Generation


The diamond is the most valuable gemstone on Earth due to its rare beauty and high aesthetic value.

Over time the diamond jewellery industry has expanded and today there are natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds, which are created in a controlled environment. Both types of diamonds look and feel the same, only lab grown diamonds cost significantly less. Within the jewelry industry are VVS diamonds, which stands for Very Very Slightly included. These diamonds are near flawless, the small flaws they have are not visible to the eye. To learn more about diamonds, you may want to visit RareCarat.com to better understand this unique world.


A fascinating aspect of diamonds is their fluorescence, which manifests itself in varying degrees. Fluorescence in diamonds is expressed through the visible light produced by the diamond when exposed to ultraviolet light. This is generated by the reaction between the light energy and the diamond atoms. Generally that fluorescence is blue, diamonds with strong fluorescence are more competitively priced. If you want to learn more about the world of diamonds visit the Nacked URL https://www.rarecarat.com/education/diamonds-guide/diamond-shapes and find out all the details concerning these precious stones.


A successful purchase

The acquisition of a diamond is an important investment, for which the buyer must be properly informed. The online company RareCarat.com offers unbiased advice from experts in this field. These gemologists analyze in depth natural diamonds and lab grown diamonds. Within this market, there are various opportunities, challenges and offers that manifest themselves throughout the year. A good diamond buyer must be aware of all this to get the best deal. You can acquire a fabulous diamond at an affordable price, the key is to be informed so you don’t miss out on an excellent opportunity.


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Unique features

Within the diamond jewelry industry are the VVS diamonds, which enjoy a beauty close to perfection. These diamonds have small internal flaws that are almost imperceptible, so they are not noticeable to the naked eye. Although it may seem incredible, expert gemologists have difficulty in finding these small flaws. The rarity of this type of diamond makes them even more beautiful and exclusive. VVS diamonds are usually priced more competitively and this is a factor to consider when purchasing one. A VVS diamond for an engagement ring is an excellent choice, as this piece dazzles with its rarity.


 Fluorescence in diamonds manifests itself through the visible light generated by the diamond when exposed to ultraviolet light. The established scale for determining the fluorescence of a diamond is as follows: none, weak, medium, strong and very strong. Diamonds with higher fluorescence are more competitively priced but still retain the exceptional beauty that characterizes these gemstones. The diamond buyer should take this valuable information into account so that he can then purchase the diamond he wants, according to his own criteria. Rare Carat will guide you wisely during this process for the best decision. The fluorescence in diamonds is a detail to be taken into account by the buyer, so that he can then decide correctly.



As you can see, when purchasing a diamond there are many factors to consider. Rare Carat will guide you in fundamental aspects such as color, cut, brilliance, and fluorescence in diamonds, VVS diamonds, among many other aspects. I have always loved the world of diamonds and after visiting RareCarat.com I love these precious stones even more. I did not know anything about the fluorescence in diamonds and this online company informed me about these features, among other high-value information. Visiting Rarecarat.com was a fabulous experience because I learned a lot about this amazing industry. Best of all, I bought the exact diamond I wanted, at a competitive.