The Royal Sparkle: Heart-Shaped Diamonds In Royal Jewelry Collections

The diamond shape is one of the big factors a buyer or user would consider before he or she will purchase that ring. Each shape has its meaning and has various interpretations based on the ideals, beliefs, and standards of various people and the places where they are coming from. Heart-shaped diamonds are not the famous shape of a diamond in the world of diamonds or the market nowadays compared with the other nine standard diamond shapes such as round, cushion, oval, emerald, asscher, marquise, princess, pear, and radiant. But just because they are not the most famous diamond shape, it does not mean that they are not the best choice. This article is all about the royal sparkle of heart-shaped diamonds like what Rare Carat heart-shaped diamond has to offer plus the current price of their Rare Carat 1ct and Rare Carat 2ct diamond rings.


The Royal Sparkle: Heart-shaped Diamonds in Royal Jewelry Collections

What’s With a Heart Shape?

A heart shape symbolizes a lot as it signifies love, purity, genuineness, and how you truly care for someone. The color of a heart which is red stands for unending or unconditional love like what Jesus Christ did on the cross wherein his blood was shed for all sinners. This kind of shape is more like what a diamond ring has and means a lot especially when you will receive a jewelry like diamond ring with a heart shape. This signifies a lot that the person who gave it to you truly values you the most and his love is never-ending. A heart is the source or fountain of love that is very needed in any relationship. This may not be true at all times as no one is perfect such as a person or in a relationship, but giving a heart-shaped diamond ring to someone. If it’s in your heart that you love this kind or shape of a diamond, then that’s the particular shape that you should buy. If you are in doubt and still unsure about it, feel free to contact or chat with a gemologist like what Rare Carat live customer agents do for you to get started on how to find the best and right heart-shaped diamond. Rare Carat heart-shaped diamonds are what you are looking for and to know more about these diamonds just visit them at and enjoy browsing the beauty and elegance of their natural and lab-grown diamonds. The current price of an almost Rare Carat 1ct heart-shaped diamond like what is showing on their site which is 0.85 carat is $408. It is expected that the price will go up or more expensive if you desire to buy more carat weight like Rare Carat 2ct. But if you are on a tight budget like you can’t afford to buy Rare Carat 1ct, you can also find the best deals with great prices at Rare Carat.


Best Heart-Shaped Diamond Ring At Rare Carat

A heart-shaped is a brilliant cut type of diamond that has the shape of a heart. It shows or you can see two lobes at the top untangled or separated by a cleft in the middle and comes to a point or are connected at the bottom. In forming the shape or outline of a heart, a diamond cutter uses extra care, mind setting, focus, and a lot of precision as it is one of the hardest uncommon shapes of a diamond ring. When you are looking for the best heart-shaped diamond like what the Rare Carat heart-shaped diamond has to offer, please make sure that the lobes on each side match up with each other and are symmetrical. Gemologists at Rare Carat can give you a hand when forming a well-cut heart as they are knowledgeable enough and has the experience and expertise about diamonds. In choosing the best heart-shaped diamond, the most crucial factor to look for is again its symmetry. Ensure that both sides of the heart-shaped diamond ring look the same and one lobe is not smaller or larger than the other side. Pick the perfect or right setting choice for your heart-shaped diamond, is all up to your personal preference and the style that you want or desire to buy. Rare Carat heart-shaped diamonds look best in all various setting options like what they have posted on their site at If you need some help, don’t hesitate to voice out from their expert live agents as they are known for their exceptional service.