The Pros and Cons of VVS1 Clarity Diamonds

A Look at the VVS1 Diamond Universe

Are you thinking about investing in a VVS1 diamond or a VVS2 diamond? If you want to buy diamonds with ease and confidence, you should take the time to learn all about the specific varieties beforehand. Since VVS1 diamonds have been getting a lot of traction lately, it can help zero in on them.

What Are VVS1 Diamonds, Anyway?

VVS1 clarity diamonds are short for “Very, Very Slightly Included.” These diamonds are rather rare. Not even one per cent of the diamonds that are on the planet these days are part of this category. The reality is that these diamonds are practically “ideal” as far as flaws and irregularities go. While these diamonds have inclusions, they’re hard to detect even with magnification. It also isn’t easy for professionals to be able to identify them using magnification. Only trained experts have the ability to actually do so. Microscopic inclusions that are part of VVS1 diamonds are natural, feather and, last but not least, pinpoint. Cloud or crystal inclusions are not a possibility in the slightest.

How are trained aficionados able to see any inclusions that are part of VVS1 clarity diamonds? They can generally spot them exclusively from diamond pavilions. That’s what makes these diamonds optimal for engagement rings and similar things. If you have a VVS1 diamond set in an engagement ring, you’ll notice nothing beyond a wonderfully glimmering stone.

The Numerous Advantages of VVS1 Diamonds

As indicated previously, VVS1 diamonds and VVS diamonds in general feature very few flaws or imperfections. They’re often considered to be practically flawless. Their inclusions are close to nonexistent. If you want to be able to zero in on them, you have to rely on 10x magnification. Since these diamonds are basically perfect, people tend to classify them as being “better” than many other choices that are out there.

These kinds of diamonds are accessible in various sizes, colors and shapes. If you appreciate variety, then you’ll have zero issues shopping for VVS1 clarity diamonds. These stones specifically are enticing to people who adore big diamonds.

Possible Downsides of VVS1 Diamonds

While VVS1 diamonds indeed bring many benefits to the table, it’s impossible to deny that there are some potential “cons” to purchasing them as well. Since these diamonds are close to ideal in quality, it makes total sense that they cost comparably more money. Since they boast high clarity grades, they’re definitely not the most budget-friendly gems on the market in this day and age.

If you assess the majority of diamond purchase guides that are available nowadays, you’ll notice that they may discourage you from taking the VVS1 diamond clarity path. They may say that VVS1 diamonds are a waste of resources. They sometimes believe that people who purchase them spend substantial sums of money on stones that are basically identical to VS diamonds.

Amateurs typically aren’t able to differentiate between VS and VVS diamonds. If you spend a lot of money on a VVS diamond, don’t expect it to look a lot better to your friends and family members. The truth is they may not notice that they’re different from VS diamonds.

Note, too, that these kinds of diamonds generally aren’t rock-solid financial investments for anyone. Think at length about diamond resale value lately. Diamond resale value tends to correspond with factors such as both cut and color. That’s the reason that it isn’t exactly easy for people to resell VVS1 diamonds for substantial sums. If you want to steer clear of any stone purchase regrets, you should take the time to study any and all VVS1 diamonds that grab your attention before taking the plunge and making a purchase.

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