The Most Famous Princess Cut Diamonds in the World

Diamonds are precious stones that are so special to everyone because of their high value. Not everyone can afford these precious stones, though many people want to have these pieces of jewelry like diamonds not just for personal accessories or as a gift to someone on special occasions, other people consider these as lifetime investments. There are many factors to consider before you invest in these diamonds considering those 4 Cs like its carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. This article focuses on Rare Carat diamonds like the most famous princess-cut diamonds in the world.

The Most Famous Princess Cut Diamonds in the World

Rare Carat Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are a special type of rectangular or modified square-shaped brilliant cut diamond. These diamonds have different numbers of facets that are set in a rectangular or square outline like having different outlines and sizes. Having straight edges enables these precious stones to be set next to each other easily having no vacant or empty spaces between each other. These Rare Carat princess cut diamonds are best to wear on their ring finger for ring lovers who want jewelry that has multiple brilliant stones. Once you wear this type of diamond cut, you will have the beauty of a princess that shines its radiance and elegance everywhere you may go. For more information and various options about princess cut diamonds, visit this top leading diamond industry retailer online at and have a first-hand experience on their various diamond rings that are top-quality and world-class. Many people are talking about their high-quality naturally mined and lab-made diamonds having competitive prices as well as they provide exceptional service to every online user who will come to visit their site.

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Rare Carat Diamonds

Rare Carat is a top-leading provider and retailer of diamonds online for any special occasion like engagement and wedding day. You also have the option to make these diamonds personalized so that they will be perfectly suited to your ring finger. The smarter way to start buying diamonds is to shop at their site and you have two options either click on start with a diamond or start with a setting. If you choose to start with a diamond-like you can search for the type of diamond you want to purchase based on its shape, color, carat weight, type of cut, clarity, and price that you can afford. You have all of these options so that you will have the right diamond based on your preference. If you click on start with a setting on their homepage, you will be redirected to the type of its setting style, metal, its setting price, and various shape you want like a round, oval, cushion, emerald, princess, radiant, pear, marquise, Asscher, and heart-shaped. These options are all available at their site or there are live chat agents who are always active 24/7 to assist you and even they will chat with you first so that you will be guided and have the right answer to whatever queries you have regarding their diamonds.

Rare Carat Asscher Cut Diamonds

Rare Carat have different cut of diamonds and one of these is Asscher-cut. If you want to have the classic or historical type of diamond cut, then Asscher cut is the best for you as it embodies all of the grace and elegance of the 1920s when it became invented. The name of this type of cut was named after Joseph Asscher who was the one who cut the largest colorless diamond that was ever found in England during the 20th century. Asscher-cut has a clever diamond shape and this type of cut became the first diamond cut to be patented and its shape also became symbolic during that period. This type of cut has step-cut facets with uber-cool angled corners which appear more octagonal in shape compared with the brilliant-cut facets of round diamonds. Because of the various facets that are present in these diamonds, you will also get more sparkle and look more elegant. For more Rare Carat Asscher Cut diamonds, shop now at and be amazed by the beauty and brilliance of their diamonds. Many diamond lovers are getting satisfied with Rare Carat diamonds as they are a top leading provider and are known to have high-quality diamond rings.