The Largest and Most Famous heart-shaped-diamonds

Rare Carat heart-shaped diamonds command an exceptional fan following, and why not. A Rare Carat 2ct heart-shaped diamond is a sight to behold- It’s a sheer embodiment of love, its glitter is the epitome of romance, and of course, the timeless quality of the gemstone is a testament to the permanence and undying nature of true love.

Heart-shaped diamonds have long been coveted for their ability to symbolize all of these. These emblems of brilliance were introduced to the world in the 15th century and they immediately captured royal and aristocratic fancy.

To cut and polish a diamond in this unique shape was no small feat then and it remains a tedious task to this day. In fact, that is what adds to the allure and enigma of Rare Carat heart-shaped diamonds. So, it is no surprise that Rare Carat 1ct heart-shaped diamonds are among the most sought-after gemstones.

If this unique diamond shape fascinates you, continue reading to know about the largest and most famous heart-shaped diamonds in the world.

1. The Graff Infinity: Even the Graff family calls this heavenly gemstone their most extraordinary find and for good reason. The one of its kind Graff is a 157.8 carat, D-color, Type IIA flawless heart-shaped diamond. It was unearthed from the same mine in Botswana that eventually gave the world another stunningly beautiful stone- the Graff Venus.

The gorgeous Infinity Diamond was cut from a 373-carat rough gemstone. Graff also stated that the massive stone was once possibly a part of one large stone, the other part of which was the legendary Lesedi La Rona (a 1,109-carat rough diamond purchased for $53 million in 2017).

The Graff Infinity is the largest heart-shaped diamond in the world and befitting its status, it was set into a tiara that can only be described as out-of-this-world beautiful.

Now, the famed Infinity may be out of your reach but you could be the proud owner of a Rare Carat heart-shaped gemstone. In fact, an engagement ring crafted with a Rare Carat 2 ct heart-shaped diamond will undoubtedly be the most stunning piece of jewelry your lady love will ever own.

2. The Graff Venus: At 118.78 carats, it is one of the largest heart-shaped diamonds in the world, and the fact that it was cut from a D-Color, flawless, Type- IIA diamond means that it is a perfect amalgamation of the best that nature has to offer and the superior expertise of master diamond cutters and polishers.

The stone is breathtakingly beautiful and hence it is no wonder that it was sold for a record-breaking $19 million in 2015. It took 18 months for Graff to turn a massive 357-carat rough diamond into the stunning Graff Venus. The stone was so large that the company had to develop special tools to work on it.

If the description of the Graff Venus caught your attention, rest assured that owning a Rare Carat 2ct heart-shaped diamond will send you over the moon. Whether you choose to have it set in a ring or a pendant, a Rare Carat heart-shaped diamond will grab attention wherever you go.

3. The Graff Sweethearts: Another masterpiece, rather two masterpieces, from the same jeweler that gave the world the legendary Graff Venus, this is a pair of two 50-carat plus, D-Color, Type IIA diamonds.

Utterly astonishing in their beauty, these gemstones were discovered together and continue to be together in the form of the world’s rarest pair of earrings. The stones bring a massive 112 plus carats to the table and are the most chemically pure grade heart-shaped diamond pair in the world, and also of course the largest such pair.

At the time of writing this article, the Graff Sweethearts were not sold. But, even if they are a bit out of your league, fret not because you can create as stunning an impact with a pair of Rare Carat 2 ct diamond earrings.

You could add a bit more oomph to the design by coupling the larger Rare Carat heart-shaped stones with slightly smaller Rare Carat 1 ct gemstones to create dangling earrings that are through-and-through stunners.

Rare Carat 2 ct heart-shaped diamonds- Unmatched quality and price!

When you buy a Rare Carat heart-shaped diamond, you not only get a gemstone of superlative quality but also get the most competitive pricing in the market along with exceptional customer service.

In fact, the company has consistently received 4.9/5 reviews on both Trustpilot and Google Business, so when you want a high-quality gemstone for a ring, a Rare Carat 2 ct stone will be the perfect buy.

Another way is to turn a triumvirate of two Rare Carat 1 ct heart-shaped diamonds and one Rare Carat 2 ct diamond into a set of earrings and a pendant. When you are sporting so many unique Rare Carat heart-shaped diamonds, rest assured people will have a hard time keeping their eyes off the bling.

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