The Ethics of Choosing 2 Carat Lab-Created Diamonds: A Social and Environmental Perspective

Are you looking for that perfect diamond for the engagement ring to confess your love for someone? Well, finding that best diamond is not as easy as you may think. It can be quite daunting and time taking task for you. There are two types of diamonds that you can choose from – natural diamonds and man-made diamonds. While both are real ones, there are some differences in terms of prices and ethics. Talking about the price 2 carat man made diamonds can be available at just one-third the price of 2 carat natural diamonds. Also, ethically the man-made diamonds are better than the naturally derived diamonds. Want to know more about these diamonds and how to find one? Read on to know about the Rare Carat diamonds.

What is lab-created diamonds?

Man-made diamonds are lab created diamonds that are grown with specialized methods in laboratories. Being made up of carbon, these lab grown diamonds exhibit same physical, optical and chemical properties. Just like the natural diamonds, you can also characterize these man-made diamonds into 4Cs i.e. Clarity, Cut, Carat weight and Color. There are many reasons why these lab created diamonds are getting more and more popularity nowadays over the natural diamonds. Below, we have provided some detailed Rare Carat reviews. 

Why lab created diamonds are ethically better?

Lab-created diamonds have a better and more positive impact on the social and environmental aspects. Why? As mentioned earlier, these diamonds are ethically better choice to choose. Here are some of the reasons why:

Lesser price more value

You can expect to get a more valuable diamond at a much lesser price. One lab created diamond and one natural diamond, with all 4Cs same, will have a significant difference in price. The lab grown diamonds are available at just one-third the price of the naturally derived diamonds. That means you can get a 2 carat lab diamond at a much lesser price than that of the 2 carat natural diamond.

Environmental impact

While speaking about the ethical choice, environment plays a huge role. Excavating the natural diamonds from mines can have a huge adverse impact on the earth. But the lab grown diamonds are created safely in the laboratories without having any impact on the environment. So, they are much more eco-friendly in nature than the natural diamonds.

No unethical use

The lab diamonds are an ethical choice for another reason. The reason is that it is not used for some unethical things. Most of the time, the natural diamonds are used for funding wars, violence, terrorism and more. 

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