The Best Email Marketing Methods to Promote New Arrivals

The introduction of a new product is a crucial moment for a business that has made investments in its development. Sure enough, the presence of fresh items in the catalog is expected to draw enthusiasm from customers.

However, in the event of a failed product or service launch, things can lead to an adverse public image, and this can be tricky to face and overcome. So, what should a company owner or manager do to ensure a successful launch?

Below, we’ll talk about how email marketing can be an effective method to make sure that your new products and services can be welcomed by your audience and the best ways to do so!

Promoting New Products and Services with Email Marketing

When it comes to promoting your new arrival items, there are actually a lot of ways to do it. However, we’ll just put our focus on email marketing since it is a versatile strategy that has a high success rate compared to other approaches.

1. Choosing The Right Template

A lot of marketing experts will tell you that you should know the content of your email first before choosing the template, fonts, and other visual elements. Nonetheless, it really does not hurt if you want to figure these things out the other way around.

In fact, using the template as a starting point will allow you to adjust the content so each element of the email can fall nicely in its place. What you need to remember, though, is that there are a lot of retail email templates out there, so you need to choose one wisely.

A good way to choose an email template is to see whether it can reflect your brand image. For instance, if your business has a reputation for being dynamic and innovative, you should keep yourself from using a template with Times New Roman or Georgia Fonts.

More importantly, you should make sure that the template you choose can display your new product or service nicely, along with the essential details related to it. If you offer a new car cleaning spray, you will want to have enough space to show how one can easily use it.

2. Create an Email Sequence

Before you start thinking about what subject line to use in your email or how to greet your audience, you should put your focus on the email sequence first. You should include at least three emails in your product promotion strategy: pre-launch, during-launch, and post-launch.

Pre-launch product launch email is important because it allows you to build a sense of anticipation and excitement on the audience’s side. Typically, a good marketer will include a special deal in it, such as an “Early Bird” promotion program.

On the other hand, you can put the links for the buying channels on the actual product lunch email. If you think that you need a way to convince certain customers to buy your product, then you can make a plan to send them post-launch emails a week after the launch day.

3. Make the Email Content

Once you are sure about the email template and sequence, you can start creating the content from the ground up. Remember, today’s customers want everything to be quick and straight to the point, so throw away any unnecessary lines in your email.

Use a warm, friendly but short greeting in each of your promotional emails. After that, you can immediately tell them that you have a new product or service on their way. Remember, make sure you start with what values or benefits it can bring for the customer.

You have the option to use numbers and statistics to provide a quick overview of how the new product can be beneficial for the user. For example, if you are offering project management software, you can write “Save Up To $10,000 In Project Management Per Year With This One!”

In addition to stating your purpose up front and focusing on key benefits, you should also make sure that you use simple language while creating your email marketing content. Using words that is easy to understand is what you need to efficiently communicate with your audience.

The Takeaway

Introducing a new product or service to customers entails a lot of work, and making a usable and practical one is just the first little step! To make sure that your novel offering gets the recognition it deserves, you need to set up a good promotion strategy.

Lucky for you, the email marketing guide above is what you need to effectively promote your new arrivals. Whether you run your own business or do the marketing for someone else, you can follow the steps explained and see how they work for you.

Also, always allow yourself to experiment with different marketing tools out there. You can use, for example, to make promotional materials, including retail email templates, product posters, infographics, etc.