The Art of Cutting Cushion-Cut Diamonds


Diamonds, be they lab-created or naturally mined, go through several stages of processing before it is finally ready to be used in jewelry pieces. One such process is cutting diamonds. Diamonds are available in different cuts and one of the most popular cuts is the cushion-cut. The art of cutting cushion-cut diamonds is a very precise and meticulous craft that can transform rough diamonds into exquisite cut. It surely requires skilled cutters with great expertise in this field. Want to buy a Rare Carat cushion-cut diamond? Know the art behind this cut first to properly understand its elegance or sparkle.


Cushion-Cut Diamonds – The Art of Cutting


Cutting cushion-cut diamonds requires a lot of specialized skills and expertise. The main goal is to create beautifully shaped diamonds with maximum sparkle and light performance. For this cut, the diamond is selected meticulously considering the clarity and size. After the diamond is selected, the steps that are taken to get the perfect cut are:


o    Planning


The cutter creates a detailed plan of action for cutting the diamonds properly. There are a lot of factors that are considered when the diamond is cut. These are the carat weight retention, the natural color of the diamond and how to minimize the flaws or inclusions.


o    Shaping the diamond


An initial shaping is done as that is an important part of the cutting process. It can establish the proportion as well as the outline of the final diamond. The basic shape of this diamond cut resembles a cushion. Hence, it got the name.


o    Faceting


The next step is where different facets are created on the diamond. This is either done manually or by using a laser to carefully cut and shape the facets on the diamond. In cushion-cut diamonds, more significant facets appear on the crown and smaller facets on the pavilion.


o    Proportion and symmetry


After these, the next step is to achieve the right proportions and symmetry. It is essential for well-cut diamonds, especially cushion-cut ones.


Symmetry is extremely important to make sure that all the facts are properly aligned in the correct way.


o    Brilliance and sparkle


The cushion-cut diamonds are popular because of their brilliance and fire. Hence, the cutter will consider the angles of the diamonds in order to optimize the refraction and reflection of the light. This can enhance the sparkle and brilliance.


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Now that you know about the art of cutting cushion-cut diamonds, you can go ahead to shop for it. You can choose to buy lab-created cushion-cut diamonds as well as natural cushion-cut diamonds. Both will have the same features but the price can significantly differ from lab-created one to the mined one. You can know more about the Rare Carat lab-grown diamonds, especially the cushion-cut diamonds if you are interested to know and to Learn more.