Squeaky Clean: Effective Furniture Cleaning Techniques for a Polished Look

Furniture apart from being functional add character and accent to the house. They can add to the beauty of the house. It can also be considered as a valuable asset. But, it demands extra time and care to clean it. Cleaning furniture can be a difficult task. In this article, we will cover some amazing tips to squeaky clean your house furniture.

Types of furniture:

Selecting the type of technique depends upon the class of furniture you are trying to clean. Three types of furniture are mostly used. Wooden furniture is known to have a unique style. However, steel furniture is known for its durability.


Wooden furniture is the most commonly used furniture used in households. You can find different types of articles of furniture. Below, we will discuss some techniques to clean it. If you are looking for the best wooden furniture, you can visit furniture stores in Texas.


You can use the following techniques to clean your wooden furniture.


The first technique of wooden furniture cleaning is dusting. Dusting can play an important role in the overall cleaning of your household furniture. Dusting is the most effective cleaning technique to clean your furniture. The only equipment that you need in daily Dusting is a microfiber cloth. Grab a cloth and wipe it throughout the table to clean the dust present on the surface. Try to wipe the cloth in the direction of grains present in wooden furniture. These steps can make your cleaning easy and cost-effective

Spot Cleaning:

Remember to clean the stains on the spot to prevent the accumulation of grime. It can accumulate over time and form a hard residue. Try to prevent the formation of hard residue because its cleaning can be very time-consuming.

Cleaning Hard Residue:

The second technique in cleaning wooden furniture is cleaning any hard residue present on your furniture. Hard residues are stains that are most difficult to remove. You need to use a detergent to remove these residues. There are different detergents present in the market. You can also use homemade detergent to make your cleaning process cost-effective.

The following are types of detergents mostly used while cleaning wooden furniture:

Mineral Spirits as Detergent:

You can use mineral spirits to clean your wooden furniture. First, grab a cloth and dip it in a mineral spirit. After dipping it in spirit, rub it in the direction of the grain of the wood. Make sure to test the spirit in hidden areas to avoid its damage. Use the spirit from top to bottom to clean it thoroughly.

Black Tea as Detergent:

Black tea detergent can be considered a cleaner for cleaning wooden furniture. Dip any cloth in the black tea mixture for 10-20 minutes and then apply it on your wooden furniture. It contains tannic acid which can give a shiny look to your article of furniture. Remember to test it in any other areas to prevent its damage.


Polishing can help refresh your article and use them with original shine. Before others, try removing surface dust from your furniture. Then, Use well-mixed polish on your furniture. After drying, polish can give you that extra shine for a squeaky clean look.


If you are looking for a Budget-friendly decorative item in your house, glass furniture can be an option. Glass furniture can be used to decorate your house in multiple ways. Its cleaning can be a hefty task.

Water Cleaning:

Using distilled water on your glass furniture can play a vital role in the overall clean look. Mostly the stains on the glass furniture are not sticky. They can be cleaned by using distilled water. Dip a cloth in distilled water and rub it back and forth to clean the glass furniture.

Using a soap mixture:

Soap mixture is a cost-effective but efficient way of cleaning your glass furniture. Use a mixture of soap solution and rub it from top to bottom. Then clean it with water to get your shining furniture back.

Vinegar solution:

Mix vinegar and water in equal proportion and mix it well. Apply it on your furniture to get your shining article back.

Steel Furniture:

Steel is the most durable type of furniture you can find in a household. Yet, its shine requires some time from you to clean it effectively.

Water and soap:

You can wash your steel furniture with water and soap solution. Mix water and soap.

Mix the solution well to use equal amounts of water and soap. Apply it on steel furniture and wash the solution with water. This easy and effective method to clean steel furniture.

Things to Remember:

Following are the things you need to avoid damaging your furniture:

Vacuum cleaning:

When you are cleaning sofas or fabric-based furniture, you need to remove dirt. This task can be done by a vacuum cleaner. You can simply do it by turning on the vacuum cleaner and moving it slowly from top to bottom. Make sure to remove any surface dust before vacuum cleaning.

Avoid Sun:

Sun and heat can cause long-term damage to your furniture. You can avoid heat and sun damage to your furniture simply by placing it away from direct sunlight.

Avoid water contact:

Avoid exposing your furniture to water or any type of moisture. Rather than cleaning it with costly methods you can prevent it from corrosion by just avoiding water on its surface. Nonetheless, using water might be an effective way to clean its surface.

Extra Care:

Your furniture requires extra Care. Covering it allows you to prevent it from sunlight. Moreover, this can avoid the build-up of dust on your costly furniture.

Regular Cleaning:

Last but not least, Regular cleaning is a very crucial part of the overall hygiene of your furniture. Cleaning the furniture regularly allows you to have a check on it. Regular cleaning is also helpful in the removal of any harmful allergens from your furniture.