See Vancouver by Renting a Car

These days, the use of technology is fast growing, and people widely use services to provide ease in travel, business, and various other activities. When it comes to traveling especially traveling to another city by car, people often prefer car rentals due to their ease and comfort. 

Car rentals serve people who temporarily require a car for personal purposes such as business meetings, marriage functions, family trips, and holidays and for travelers who are out of town. Car rentals are most useful when you don’t own a car, or your car isn’t good enough for traveling long distances; a service like this also comes in handy, especially in the time of hurry when there aren’t many options available. 

Many people prefer renting a car to buying one. With car rentals, there are also quite a lot of other advantages that come with it as well such as affordability, privacy, freedom, comfort, and safety. 

Car rentals are easily available wherever you want to go, and if your destination of travel is Vancouver, then the perfect pick for you is Ascent Car Rental. Ascent car rental is one of the best car rentals in Vancouver.

What is Ascent Car Rental?

Ascent Car Rental is a locally owned car rentals company in downtown Vancouver BC. Ascent car rental offers high-quality cars, excellent customer service, and affordable prices. They provide fully personalized services, Convenient Pick-Up and Drop-Off, Quick & Easy Rent-A-Car Services, Extra Essential Equipment, and Guided Tours.

Where in Vancouver can I go with Ascent Car Rental?

Ascent Car Rental offers city tours, guided tours, and Private tours in Vancouver as well. With Ascent car rental, you can see the highlights of one of the most beautiful cities in the world; the local markets, ocean views, and cosmopolitan neighborhoods in Vancouver are some of the many stunning sights the city has. When you visit Vancouver, there are many places to visit and many things to do. 

Some of the many beautiful places you can visit in Vancouver with Ascent car rental are as follows:

Gastown/ Steam Clock

The steam clock and Gastown, in general, are a big part of Vancouver’s history. With only walking through the streets, you will come across many Victorian architecture houses, chic cafes, and cosmopolitan neighborhoods.

Gastown, with its vintage streetlights, cobblestones, and popular steam clock that is often used for photo ops, all make Gastown a historical and beautiful sight to explore and sightsee. 

Granville Island

Granville Island is the only place where you can enjoy a multitude of interesting things such as art, culture, history, pacific west cuisine, and the popular Granville island market. It is the place where you can get great souvenirs and discover the finest hand-crafted products from local artists. 

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the first and largest park in Vancouver. This beloved urban park is of 400 hectares of natural West Coast rainforest that provides you with a beautiful view of the mountains, lakes, oceans, majestic old-growth trees, and a peaceful walk around the park’s popular seawall. 

Some spots like the Stanley Park Pavilion/Miniature Train, Prospect Point, Totem Poles, Second Beach, and Ferguson Point are some of the most visited areas in the park. 

Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge

The Lynn Canyon has a Suspension Bridge and several hiking spots; Lyn Canyon has been frequently visited by locals and has been a popular spot since 1912 when it was officially opened. Lynn Canyon’s suspension bridge doesn’t have an entry fee and is smaller than the Capilano Suspension bridge. It towers 50 meters or 160 ft. over the canyon and is a must-see, especially if you adore nature. 

Capilano Suspension Bridge

The 140 meters long bridge, which is 70 meters above the river, is a simple suspension bridge that crosses the Capilano River in the District of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Walking on this bridge is an exciting experience, especially if you love the thrill of heights and adore pleasant views of nature. 

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is Vancouver’s most visited attraction. It’s a one-stop shop for kinds of fun activities such as outdoor shows and adventures, wildlife refuge, and snow sports. Grouse Mountain is a must-see when you’re visiting Vancouver by Ascent car rental. 

Where is Ascent Car Rental located?

Ascent Car Rental is located at the 999 Canada Place inside the Pan Pacific Hotel. The Pan Pacific hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel, cruise ship terminal, and convention center. Ascent Car Rental is conveniently located for every visitor planning to rent a car to spend time in the stunning city of Vancouver. 

What makes Ascent Car Rental a great car rental service?

Ascent Car Rental has many qualities that make it a great option for you to consider renting a car from them to travel to Vancouver and spend time with your loved ones. 

Following are some of the many features that make Ascent Car Rental one of Vancouver’s best car rental services.

Personalized Experiences

Everyone at Ascent Car Rental has years of experience as owners and managers of car rental services. The agency guarantees the best customer service and knows what its customers want regarding car features, models, maintenance, return processes, booking, and more. 

An Affordable Car Rental Agency

Ascent Car Rental provides premium services at affordable prices. You get quality and comfort without costing a lot. The vehicles look brand as new and smell just as great. The diverse range of models gives you many options to choose from. Each vehicle is equipped to drive on various terrains for extra safety and convenience. You can get all this at a starting price of $100, including taxes.

Quick & Easy Rent-A-Car Services

Ascent Car Rental has only the best and newest rental cars in the city. Not only this, but the services also come at the most affordable rates in Vancouver. Plus, the bookings are quick and easy. You aren’t required to pay any prepaid cards, debit deposits, or cash upfront. Only a credit card or debit card number is required to reserve a car.