Recliner sofa buying guide: An expert review

A little nap, a warm cuddle or for a round of drinks – recliners offer the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and revive after a tiring day at work. Recliners can also be termed as freestyle loungers that help you in nothing but relaxing. An owner’s relaxing partner, recliners are often confusing when it comes to choosing one. Having said that recliners have not been anything new but the name. They have always been calibrated by the amount of comfort they offer. However, each recliner has a varying comfort degree. 

Here is a guide on various elements to consider before you get home that coveted piece of furniture:

  • Recliner Size

Recliners’ sizes vary just like a regular sofa. They come single or in a set of 2,3,4 and multi sizes too. A recliner sofa set can often be a pricy purchase. Hence, ensure you consider the size of your family before buying one along with measuring the space where you would like to place your recliner. Recliners are usually bulky and hence consider the dimension of the recliner and the physical place too.

  • Recliners style

Wondering what to consider in recliner style? Well, all recliners ain’t the same. Recliners can be traditional, modern or transitional. While the traditional recliners come with a rocking feature, wider armrest and seating, the modern ones are more functional with leather or faux leather seating. They are leaner, with a complete 360 degree swivel option. They also have cup holders, charging docks, and multiple lean shafting points and ergonomic.  The transition ones on the other hand offer the features of both modern and classics with neutral colours. 

  • Type of recliners

When it comes to comfort we agree nothing can beat recliners, despite that recliners also have competition amongst themselves. Well, it’s true there are three types of recliners namely- The plain wall huggers, power recliners and bolstered oversized recliners. All of them provide varying levels of comfort.

  • Features 

Recliners are often loved for their cool features such as swivel, guide, push, rock, push-back, vibrate etc. Given the budget choose a recliner that has extensive pushback features. You can also browse through mixed recliners that have massaging, push back, and rocking features on one side and the rest is normal. Example consider a 3 Seater Recliner Sofa where one of the seats is embedded with all the features and the other two are plain recliners. That way they come well within the budget and you can also enjoy the features.

  • Material

When it comes to recliners dont always be under the perception that they come only in leather or faux leather. Modern recliners come with a variety of materials such as velvet, cotton, and microber. It is merely a personal choice on what you want, the weather you live in and your cleaning regimes you follow. Also care should be taken if you have pets at home, it is advised to buy a leather or faux leather that is easy to clean. 

  • Motar

Last point to consider is the recliner’s heart i.e. the motar. There are recliners powered by a single motar or double motar too. Choose wisely depending on the power you may require. SInce it is a one time investment a double motar can be best as it gives full control on both the head and foot rest, giving you the best recliner moments every time you use.

A golden piece of suggestion is to choose recliners that are durable in terms of materials, warranty, and also the one that has all the cool features embedded in it like temperature control, rocking options, chagrin dock etc. At the end recliners are great stress busters, invest in one now and relieve your stress.