Notable Asscher-Cut Diamond Red Carpet Appearances

Asscher-Cut Diamonds are classic ornaments that have notable appearances on the red carpet. Numerous A-list celebrities wore them to award ceremonies, movie premieres, and other glamorous events. Search for the best deals and buy from Rare Carat for top-quality and high-value gems. Learn more about Asscher-Cut Diamonds by visiting It is a user-friendly webpage that is every diamond lover’s dream. Compare prices, the four Cs, ring settings, and more.

Natural or Lab-Grown Asscher-Cut Diamonds, what is better?

Asscher-Cut is the brainchild of Joseph Asscher. It was created and got a patent in 1902. It is a square cut with many facets, a high crown, and possesses depth. It looks like a house of mirrors that exudes a signature sparkle. It is a favourite among royals, celebrities, and other influential personalities

It is a gem that is available in natural and lab-grown variants. The characteristics of the diamonds are similar. However, in terms of price, lab-grown ones are cheaper. But if you have money to spare, natural Asscher-Cut is worth the investment. You can learn more about it by consulting a gemologist on the Rare Carat website. They are always on standby and ready to help.

Asscher-Cut Diamonds on the Red Carpet:

Asscher-Cut Diamonds were seen multiple times at high-profile events. Here are some famous personalities that wore them on significant occasions. 

Elizabeth Taylor:

Elizabeth Taylor is a legendary actress known for her skills, beauty, and fashion sense. In 1969, Elizabeth attended the “Scorpion Ball.” It was the red carpet birthday party of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco. She wore an impressive 33-carat Asscher-Cut diamond ring. Her then-husband, Richard Burton, gave it to her. Initially, it was called the “Krupp Diamond.” Today this piece is renamed the “Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.”

Amy Adams:

Amy Adams is known for her role in “American Hustle.” During the Golden Globes award ceremony last 2014, she sparkled with a necklace adorning a 30-carat Asscher-cut pendant. The accessory perfectly matches her stunning plunging neckline red gown. It appears like a centrepiece of her fashionable ensemble. Amy received the best actress award that day. Her chosen jewelry is like a medal adorning her neck. It truly is a fine choice for a winner!

Sofia Vergara:

Sofia Vergara is an actress and model. Her most notable role is in the hit television series “Modern Family.” During the 2013 Emmy Awards, Sofia stunned the crowd with a sexy red mermaid dress. She wore a 21-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring that day. It made her look sophisticated and fabulous. Sofia wore the gem with pride and solidified herself as a fashion icon.

Allison Janney:

Allison Janney made it big during the 2018 Oscars. She won best supporting actress for her role in the movie “I, Tonya.” She had the time of her life wearing a red plunging neckline gown with angel sleeves. Allison wore an 18-carat Asscher-cut diamond ring set in platinum for the complete look. It truly made her look confident and sparkling.

Regina King:

Regina King is a talented actress and director. During the 2021 Oscars, she participated as a presenter. Regina did the opening monologue and charmed the crowd with her confidence. She wore an asymmetrical column blue dress. Her classy look includes a pair of 36-carat Asscher-cut diamond drop earrings. It made her look more stunning and elegant. No wonder the crowd was in awe.

Halle Bailey:

Halle Bailey made her mark in Hollywood as “Ariel” in the remake of the classic “The Little Mermaid.” She attended the 2023 Oscar Awards and wore a youthful blue dress. The singer-actress also has a pair of 9-carat Asscher-cut diamond stud earrings set in platinum. The ensemble made Halle look like a real-life fairytale princess. And it is a fitting look for a promising bright star.

Final Thoughts:

Asscher-Cut Diamonds never go out of style. Since its invention during the early 1900s, iconic personalities cannot get enough of it. You can experience the elegance of this vintage design by logging in “” The perfect eye-catching piece that suits your budget awaits you there. Who says only celebrities can have a hand in this luxury? Feel like a movie star at your engagement party or wedding celebration by having this on your rings. It is one of the best investments you will ever make.