KuCoin Bring A Beginner’s Guide About Security Tokens

What is KuCoin

People now carry credit and debit cards instead of cash. The reason behind this new trend is the world’s changing lifestyle and the way of transactions. Thus, most attitudes are shifting around digital currency and bitcoin price. One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin, allows users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. KuCoin platform provides peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, derivatives, and margin trading in addition to standard trading choices.

Moreover, here users can also decide to stake or lend their cryptocurrency to gain incentives. KuCoin is appealing because it has minimal trading fees compared to some of its rivals. Please have a look at the whole article and give it a read!

How to Buy Crypto on KuCoin

To start trading cryptocurrencies on KuCoin, you must purchase your first one. KuCoin is quite easy to use. Whether you’re utilizing the desktop or mobile versions, KuCoin is easily accessible. You can get several features from this, though. You must go through a registration and verification process first. Then you can use the full range of functions and advantages that KuCoin provides. The details of purchasing cryptocurrency on KuCoin are covered in the following parts.

How to profit from KuCoin Leveraged Tokens?

Buy when bullish and sell when bearish. For example: If you are optimistic about BTC, then buy BTC3L. When BTC price rises by 1%, BTC3L also rises by 3%; On the contrary, if you are pessimistic about BTC, buy BTC3S. When BTC price drops by 1%, BTC3S also rises by 3%

Is KuCoin Trustworthy?

KuCoin has great features and affordable prices, and you can trust them. Although KuCoin still needs to get a license in the United States, it works in many other prominent countries worldwide. KuCoin officially oversees its operations. Nevertheless, chain custodian and KuCoin already work together. 

A Singapore-based company called Onchain Custodian is performing an incredible job. This institution provides accredited investors custody and insurance services for digital assets. Most cryptocurrency holders choose an insured third-party option rather than holding their valuables on cryptocurrency exchanges. Thus your KuCoin account’s bitcoin holdings are secured. So you can protect yourself by being insured by the organization’s Onchain, the Custodian.

What is Clouds Mining?

Cloud mining is a distant mining strategy. It is most users’ use and jointly safeguards the primary network. Thanks to its low costs, simplicity of operation, and steady access to superior assets.

Is your cryptocurrency safe with KuCoin?

KuCoin has moreover recently collaborated with a security organization known as Onchain Custodian. This organization intends to safeguard the digital assets of its customers. Thus, protecting the exchange. This organization provides Lockton’s coverage for criminal activities, e.g., hacking of IDs. Additionally, It runs a special program known as a bug bounty. This program incentivizes the hackers called white collar hackers, to deduct and report the flaws of the system. 

Well, KuCoin being a responsible exchange, also knows the possible problem. Thus, I collaborated with the organization. So, users don’t find any issues in transactions or keeping the currency in a hot wallet. KuCoin was also prompt in acting and deciding what was better for its users.

Additionally, KuCoin offers exceptional user-level security. Users are encouraged to set up two-factor authentication and a separate password for trading on the website. To further safeguard you against phishing scams. You can put up safety phrases that will appear in all emails from KuCoin.

What do you think is the safest platform or not?

A utility token, the KuCoin token, provides several advantages on the KuCoin Exchange. Discounts on trading fees, access to special features and services, and other advantages are among these. KuCoin token has advantages over other well-known tokens like Binance Coin and Huobi Token. Moreover, the safety features of the KuCoin token make it an appealing choice for investors. Whichever option you use, make sure to conduct your research before making any cryptocurrency investments.


At least since the beginning of recorded history, frauds appear to have been prevalent since the beginning of time. With each new technology and discovery, there has been a rise in scams. There is no exception for cryptocurrency. The development of cryptocurrencies exposed. Moreover, you learn how simple it was to create new cryptocurrencies by modifying open-source code from established projects.