How To Insert PDF Into Word Mac?

Are you searching for a reliable way on how to insert PDF into MS Word for Mac users? The PDF text and images can be edited as a regular document when the process is complete. However, remember the following:

  • The PDF file inserted into MS Word will not have a connection with the original file.
  • PDF to MS Word conversion may change the formatting and the text layout.
  • Forms and other interactive elements will not become part of the MS Word Version.

In addition, images and graphics will not convert seamlessly. They are blurry and difficult to read.

Use an Editor to convert the document instead!

We insist you use a PDF editor to avoid the challenges mentioned earlier. The tool will maintain the originality of the PDF document. It will keep the visual tools in check so you do not have to re-edit them in MS Word. The expert tool will convert PDF into Word for Mac users. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to the website and download iTop PDF.
  2. Wait for the tool to install. The user can install the software in a personalized location with the custom option.
  3. Select Convert PDF to Word from the start menu. However, you can also use the feature to go to the Convert section.
  4. Click on Add Files. Upload the PDF document you wish to convert to MS Word.
  5. Click Convert to Word. The option is available in the bottom corner. The conversion is done automatically.
  6. The user is advised to keep a close eye on the status bar. It will update the individual about the conversion. When complete, the user will click on Open.
  7. The PDF file is now in MS Word format. Save the document to the desired location for editing later.

After the file is an MS Word version, the individual can copy/paste the content into a new file. They can edit the content freely. The charts and graphs are easy to read. Lastly, the text is not blurry.

Why convert a PDF to MS Word?

The PDF Editor has powerful features and smart solutions for managing PDF files. Here are the advantages:

  1. The PDF to MS Word conversion is accurate. The tool uses the latest technology and converts complex elements successfully. Instead of re-editing the tables and charts, the user can do it directly in MS Word. The tool saves time and ensures the MS version is exactly like PDF.
  2. iTop PDF will convert multiple files from PDF to MS Word if they relate to the same project. The conversion happens at the same time.
  3. The PDF Editor does not need professional experience. The features are easy to understand. You do not need technical knowledge to guide yourself through the software.
  4. The tool takes user privacy very seriously. The content in the PDF files is not shared with a third party. The service understands that PDF documents contain sensitive information, so it guarantees security.

Download the tool today

iTop PDF come in more than 30 languages. Customer support is available day and night. Try the demo version today and avoid complicated conversions.