How to Edit Travel Videos: 5 Essential Tips

Travel videos are a fairly popular format that fills the entire Internet. Some users shoot videos in the form of a blog, some have entire clips or documentaries. Going to any of the video sites, you can meet a huge number of travelers who wish to share their impressions of the trip. With more and more people making travel videos every day, creating a different travel video can seem like a daunting task at the moment. However, it is not. If you decide to make films about your travel experience and do not know how to make it unique and original, you should read this article to the end and read the advice of our experts.

5 Travel Video Editing Tips

After you shoot the required number of frames, you need to move on to the editing stage. Editing a travel video is quite an important and responsible part of creating a masterpiece. You should not ignore this step, because 90% of success depends on successful editing. Below you can find five tips on how to edit a travel movie to make it stand out from the rest and get a lot of views:

Use a Quality Video Editor

First of all, you need to decide on the video editing software that you will use. It is important to remember that the editor must meet your requirements and have many tools that can help you. You can use the free no watermark video editor, which has enough features to help you create incredible videos in minutes.

Delete Unwanted Frames

As soon as you move on to editing your footage, the first step is to remove the extra footage that you don’t need. Among such shots there may be unsuccessful takes, images with poor lighting, unsuccessful and foreshortening, and so on. You can use the GoPro software to do this quickly and successfully. Try to clean the video as much as possible from unnecessary material and leave only the one you need to create a masterpiece.

Choose the Right Music

Travel videos are most often entertaining, so adding music to your video is a good option to grab the attention of viewers. It is important to choose a melody that suits the mood and is not too rhythmic so as not to distract users from what is happening on the screen. Try to choose the best melody that is popular and pleasant.

Add Subtitles

Some travel videos are incomprehensible to users due to the lack of text accompaniment. People who decide to watch your video expect not only to see a beautiful picture but also to get acquainted with educational content about a particular area. You can add subtitles to describe what’s happening on screen using DaVinci Resolve 18 software or add voice-overs to make your video even more exciting and interesting.

Add Sound Editing

In case you decide to use a voice-over in your travel video, you need to pay proper attention to the sound. Most video editors have sound correction functions, but in some cases, these steps have to be performed manually. Listen carefully to how your voice sounds on the video and try to make it clear, the audience will stop watching your video as soon as they hear extraneous sounds that distract from watching the video.


Using these tips, you will surely be able to create an exciting video that can catch the attention of the audience and make you a fan. Shooting a travel video is a simple task, but the editing process can take some time and effort. Use the tips and create incredible professional-level videos!

Travel videos are quite a popular format that many users use. Some shoot simple, amateur videos, and someone responsibly approaches this activity and tries to make a professional film. If you love to travel and shoot it on camera, you have every chance of becoming a successful travel blogger who will get a lot of views and praise. Use the advice from the experts we talked about above and you will surely get success.

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