How to Collect Feedback from Your Customers?

The goal of every business is to grow and increase its profits by making the customer experience the first priority in its business decision-making. That is because your entire business strategy is focused on creating a customer experience that keeps them coming back for more of your products or services.

Your business relies on customer feedback to learn about what customers need, want, and expect from your service. When you have such information from customers, then your business can use it to mold the products or services into something that they will buy.

There are many ways to collect such information from your customers. There is social media, phone numbers, email surveys, etc. and your brand can use any form that meets the criteria for business strategy. 

WOW! is one of the most popular telecom companies in the US and has a dedicated Twitter account, Reddit page, and WOW! Phone number for customer service. Customers can use any of these channels to post their feedback about WOW!’s services. 

Conveniently, customer feedback can be categorized as;

  • Direct feedback, that, as the name suggests, you directly ask your customers for.
  • Indirect feedback, that you don’t ask for and can be found from other sources

Under both these categories, there are many ways through which you can collect feedback from your customers about your brands and their services, all of them which have been explored below;

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Social Media Platforms

It is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers online and collect feedback. Due to the soaring popularity of social media platforms, more and more customers are signing up just to stay connected to brands. This is a lucrative opportunity for your brand to not pass up; use this platform to collect customer feedback that may or may not be in your favor. 

Follow hashtags on Twitter to follow the mentions that customers make of your brands. Keep up with knowledge bases and forums on Facebook or Reddit to learn what customers are saying about your brand.

Follow-Up Survey Emails

We have all received it – a survey email after receiving a product that was purchased, checking out of a hotel room, getting a spa, subscribing to a service, etc. These emails are sent to customers at a time when the whole experience is still fresh in their minds. That way they can comment on the use of the product or service honestly.

The follow-up email survey can include questions regarding their experience of using the product or service such as the price, shipping of the product, quality of service received, ease of the shopping experience, and whatnot.


We gotta admit; filling in a survey can take time. Your customers have to put in thought and need to use their time and effort just to fill up a survey. No matter how short it is. This is the reason why most surveys go unfulfilled.

How about you give them incentives? Incentives are known to instantly get them interested in surveys. With these rewards, they give the most honest response. It can include free shipping, discounts, or coupons. These incentives are meant to ensure that your brand is committed to better customer experience.  

Pop-Up Surveys on the Website

Pop-ups on websites are annoying. You don’t want surveys to pop up on the website while they are looking for the perfect products. You’re sure to lose them that way.

That is why it is important to bring up pop-up surveys when the chance of them filling them out is the highest. It has to be at the right time and on the right page. For instance, it has to blend in naturally with the whole online shopping experience without them feeling like they are forced to fill it out because they don’t have time for it. During online shopping, pop-ups can turn up after the purchase is done.

Live Chats

It is a compelling customer feedback method that gives your customers the chance to bring up their concerns about using your products or services.

How it works is that the nitty-gritty part of issues they are facing and sharing with the chat operator is the live customer feedback. This instant feedback has minimal turnaround time as compared to other methods of collecting feedback. Hence, the live chat can be reviewed and provide you with meaningful feedback on the flaws of your products or services.

Wrapping Up

Creating a product or building service is only half the job done. The other half includes a commitment to gathering and analyzing feedback from the customers about their experiences of using these products or services. And finally, it also includes implementing the change (if needed) towards products or services or just upgrading them so that customers can have a good experience with them. When customers keep using them, it will help the business to keep moving forward.