How Can Businesses Maximize the Benefits of Innovation Training Programs by Incorporating Technology-Driven Learning Platforms?

“Starting and growing a business is as much about the innovation, drive and determination of the people as it is about the product they sell” 

                                                   -Elon Musk

Innovation Training

Innovation training is as important to a business as the product they sell. A business that wants to stay ahead should be ready to invest in the training of its employees with 


In recent years, we have seen the introduction of technology to learning in new ways which has enabled employers to train their employees to maximize productivity and increase profits through online platforms.

Recent statistics have demonstrated that every dollar invested in employees’ online learning increases productivity by 30 dollars. Therefore, companies’ return on investment is thirty times more when online learning platforms are used. 

Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms are simply online schools where individuals go, to gain knowledge on a specific course of study. They provide access to education training materials to their students, from the comfort of their homes.

These platforms are often experienced in their respective fields of study, offering a wide range of materials and curricula for their courses.

Online platforms that focus on innovation training usually take the employees through a series of training that centers on reshaping the individual mindset, while inculcating skills that are needed for tackling challenges innovatively.

Five Major Reasons Companies Should Incorporate Technology-Driven Learning Platforms

  • Uniformity in Training Materials

Online learning platforms usually have a wide range of training materials, therefore, companies could purchase courses that align with their goals and values for their employees to enable uniformity in the organization. 

Also, with the online platforms, employees will have access to a consistent learning curriculum which will enable interactions leading to productivity.

  • Accessibility and Accountability

Online learning platforms make knowledge easily accessible at any time of the day. An employee who is a  night reader or a daytime reader will be able to access the training materials at a time that will be favorable for their learning experience to maximize productivity at work. 

Also, the results produced from the online platform will enable employers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their employees to inculcate them in their work plans to maximize productivity.

  • Minimizes Expenses and Maximizes Time

The expenses required to train employees offline include transportation expenses, accommodation expenses, feeding expenses, trainer expenses, and the rest.

These expenses can be minimized by using online platforms to learn while also increasing productivity. Learning will also be flexible for employees and work won’t have to be on hold during the period of the training.

  • Diversity of Knowledge

Research and experience is one thing that sets businesses and people apart and online learning platforms provide the research and experience of experts who have walked the lane your employees are walking.

Online platforms can give your company access to knowledge that would have been gotten through more spending and years. 

  • Visual-Spatial Learning

Learning which involves images and audio is easier to recall than text alone for most people. 

The fact that a large percentage of information transmitted to the brain is visual, from movies to pictures, goes to show that visual learning is important. The truth is that visual information is more exciting and stimulating, this enables the human brain to transmit visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

A lot of innovation training programs are available on different online learning platforms, thereby making it easy for employers to maximize them.  From training programs like technical, interpersonal, project management, data analysis, emotional intelligence, and accounting training, every type of training can be found online.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Innovation Training Programs Through Technology-Driven Learning Platforms.

“No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.”

                                       -Seth Godin

Technology-driven learning platforms are opportunities for businesses to foster productivity in employees, maximize profit, meet customer demand, and make a lasting global impact in a thriving environment. 

The world is evolving every day and new technology is being adopted in different areas of business. Every business should have the skill to adapt to the changing technology. 

The question now should be how to maximize these platforms. 

One thing employers worry about when organizing training programs for employees is the lasting impact of the training. The use of training strategies in training programs has helped to create a lasting impact. 

Training Strategies to Inculcate During the Innovation Training of Employees

  • Customized Learning Curriculum

This will involve knowing your employees. To know your employee, you should organize surveys and quizzes that will channel their personalities and learning style to enable you to customize the curriculum to fit their style. This will help employees to feel included and give their best in innovative strategies for the company. 

  • Game-Based Learning Style

This style will create a fun way of learning for employees and keep them motivated. Employers can involve online games in non-game-based training to keep their employees active during their training.

These games can include real-life circumstances that happen in the company to foster remembrance and re-enacting when faced with such a situation. 

  • Learning Through Experience

In this approach, employees will learn through on-the-job training. They are made to face situations and understand how the job is done while making mistakes, gaining feedback/advice, and learning. This approach can be calmer for employees if their onboarding process is educational and friendly. To enable this to happen, enough research must be done through online learning platforms. 

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

This type of learning will require updated technology. It involves using digital images in real environments to enact various scenarios which will help to enhance learning and creativity. Employees will be able to see real-life scenarios play out in front of them that they will not forget quickly. 

  • Bits Learning

Breaking down information into smaller forms to enable understanding is so underrated. Online platforms will help employers to make this possible by building a curriculum with time frames to enable slow and effective learning for the employees. 

In the course of doing this, real-life scenarios should be added for effective learning. 

Wrapping Up

In a world where technology has so much power, the key to staying at the top is through innovation. For your business to be innovative, your employees undergo innovation training frequently. 

The use of technology-driven learning platforms is always effective in training accountants, engineers, administrators,  product managers, and everybody in the business office. No department should be left behind, or trivialized.

To maximize profit and customer relations, a business owner needs innovative employees. Always encourage your employees to research more by engaging them in online courses and training to keep them ahead in their careers, and the business competition. 

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat.”

                                               -Steve Jobs
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