How Can a Call Center Help Streamline the Mass Tort Intake Process?

A mass tort case is one where the negligence of a single entity causes injuries to several plaintiffs. An example of such negligence is improper factory toxic waste disposal, causing illnesses. In such a situation, the victims’ cases are treated as a single suit, and, therefore, are often overseen by a single firm. The mass number of clients makes it difficult to keep up with the flooding inquiries, so firms hire a call center to assist with the calls and streamline the process. It’s important to hire call agents who are well versed in these topics. With their help, they will be able to take on clients with ease.

Offering 24/7 Support

A call center can assist law firms in handling mass tort lawsuits by providing round-the-clock accessibility to clients. With agents available 24/7, even on holidays, the call center ensures timely and efficient responses to all inquiries. This persistence sets the firm apart from competitors, enhancing their trust and reputation. This, thus, encourages more clients to stay with the firm at the end of the intake process. Such services can also use the preferred communication channels, from phone calls to live chats. Finally, they can connect clients with technical inquiries directly to the firm for a better experience, improving customer engagement for a more streamlined process.

Filtering the Plaintiffs

A call center can help filter out fraudulent claims that are unlikely to convert into clients. Because of the vast number of potential clients in a mass tort case, it’s important to distinguish between clients that fit the firm’s workflow and those who don’t. A call center can help with this by administering custom-designed questionnaires to callers, ensuring specific criteria. Once a lead qualifies, the center can schedule consultations and refer the individual to the firm, saving time and resources. With their help, these call agents will make sure you aren’t wasting your workday on the wrong client.

Chasing Forgotten Leads

Clients often contact law firms through social media or their website, but a lack of resources limits the ability to follow up on all of them. Call centers, however, have the staff and technology needed for comprehensive follow-up, improving the lead conversion rate. This maximizes the firm’s potential client base and increases the success of mass tort cases. You don’t want to miss a client that needs your help. Having the resources to be able to track down these clients makes your law firm look initiative taking.


Most call centers offer multilingual support to allow catering to a diverse client base and overcome language barriers. Giving you the ability to reach out to a whole different group of clients. This is especially important in mass tort cases where there’s a high chance that the plaintiffs will be from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Through effective communication during the intake process, the call centers add consistency and improve customer satisfaction, enhancing the firm’s reputation.

They Have the Expertise

Call center agents can manage distinct types of cases, ranging from product liability to dangerous drug cases. They undergo in-depth training in communication techniques, call control, empathy, and mass tort terminology to ensure a streamlined intake process with clear and effective communication. Your clients will feel like they are being heard and be able to trust your law firm.  With their knowledge and accuracy, call center professionals serve as firm representatives with customized scripts that align with the law firm’s brand values. This ensures consistency and brand-promoting to potential clients during the intake.


With the complexity and overwhelming nature of mass tort lawsuits, a call center can be an asset for firms. Call centers help your law firm be readily available to a wide range of clients. They offer 24/7 support, filter out fraudulent claims, and save resources while also catering to a diverse client base. Therefore, by harnessing the expertise of call center agents, a firm can streamline the mass tort intake process and position itself for successful litigation. These details can be tedious to keep up with on your own. But with the help of a call center, they will take care of everything, giving you the time and energy to prioritize your business.

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