Home Design Tips For Those Remodeling Their House

Are you tired of the same old look of your house that does not align with the current trends anymore? A house upgrade that completely aligns with your personality and comfort zone is your solution. House remodeling can be one of the most lucrative investments you can make since it is not just an investment but also a luxury at the same time. With the current trends, it can be stylish and trendy with minimal effort, regardless of the size of your house. House remodeling is very important, especially for a place like Raleigh, where home prices have continuously increased.

Raleigh is well known for its economy, lifestyle, and opportunities in the market. Its housing market is very competitive, where homes take around 35 days to sell[a], and the median house price is 4% lower than the national average. This indicates that the housing demand in Raleigh is also higher than in other states, thus making home remodeling very important for you as a resident of Raleigh.

Follow us as we take you through some tips to make your house more beautiful and valuable.

Bathroom Revamp

One of the most important steps toward house remodeling is a bathroom revamp, which can add a lot of value to the luxury of your house. A bathtub takes up the most space in the bathroom, so it needs to look modern and sleek.

Are you looking to remodel your bathroom in Raleigh, North Carolina? The cost of bathroom remodeling in the city typically ranges from $7,010 to $40,900[b], offering various options to suit your budget and preferences. You can consult with experts providing budget-friendly and modern bathtub replacement in Raleigh to get rid of old-fashioned bathtubs. This can help to give your bathroom a brand-new look.

This can be aided by accessories such as stylish mirrors, wallpaper, etc., that give your bathroom a modern look and add to your comfort after tiring days at work.

Energy efficiency

The electricity rate in Raleigh is 15 ¢/kWh, 17% higher[c] than the average electricity rate of Carolina, which is 13.09 ¢/kWh. Furthermore, Raleigh also gets very hot and humid in the summer. House remodeling can solve this problem for you. You can replace your single-glazed windows, which are very poor insulators, with modern double-glazed ones. These will trap heat, save a lot of your electricity costs, and make your house look more spacious.

To save heating costs in winter, which is very cold in Raleigh, replace heating and water heating systems with innovative systems like combined heating and water heating systems.

Modern energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators and washers are also very important to save energy costs. These will save a lot on your utility bills in the long run while giving your house a modern look.

Freshen up Exteriors and Interiors

Traditionally, homes in Raleigh tend to have stucco exteriors, which may wear off with time due to exposure to sunlight. It is very important to freshen these up while remodeling your house.

This can be done simply by painting your stucco exterior, which will hold it well if the stucco is in good condition. Even if it is damaged, it only takes a good home stucco painter to fix holes, repair the cracks, and fix corners around the windows. This will make your exterior look as good as new.

This should be followed by freshening up your interior paint as well, which adds massive value to the beauty of your house. Using natural earth tones for fresh interior painting can make your house look spacious and bright.

Upgrade your Kitchen

Your kitchen needs to be very comfortable and modern since it is one of the most frequently used spaces in the house. Modern house remodeling projects also include open-concept kitchens, which can be seen in almost all modern households these days. These kinds of kitchens do not include walls that separate the kitchen from the living room. This makes your kitchen look bigger and allows more natural light inside.

Kitchen upgrades include very inexpensive steps like getting your cabinets painted with a fresh color, which makes them look new and attractive. You could also opt for open shelves rather than cabinets, making your kitchen brighter and lighter. Ceramic flooring, marble countertops, etc., should accompany this.

Ceramic Flooring

Installing ceramic flooring in your house is also a great way to make it look beautiful. Ceramic floors have a range of colors to select from, according to your taste, and are very resistant to stains, water damage, etc. This makes them very suitable for a place as humid as Raleigh.

Ceramic flooring is very durable and can retain its beauty even after poor maintenance and care. Due to this, ceramic flooring is an extremely attractive feature inside a house, which adds a lot of monetary and aesthetic value.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Adding a wood-burning fireplace is the most ancient yet one of the most aesthetic features you can add to your house. For Raleigh, which has extremes of all four weathers, having a fireplace is a very important and attractive feature for your house, providing emotional and physical warmth.


How could we forget to mention the most important tool that makes your house look like home? Accessories! They hold immense importance in giving your house a finished and complete look. If anything, accessories are one of the cheapest ways to make your house look trendy by following small and simple trends like paintings, vases, printed cushions, and pillows.

You could add character to your room using small coffee tables and lamps. You could replace half-sized closets with modern double-sized ones and decorate your walls with small photo frames. These simple steps can do a great job!

Utilize Space

The smartest house remodeling technique is effectively using up every inch of space. Remodel your house so it looks modern but also creates many storage opportunities for you.

For example, refrigerators are good enough for storing food, but what about the space being wasted above them and on the sides? You can sort this out by installing pantry units above and on the sides of the refrigerator. You can also fill up empty walls in your house with bookshelves and photo frames to make them look brighter and fuller.


House remodeling can be a very inexpensive task that will take up the least of your time, but all it demands is consulting good experts and having a good aesthetic sense. It will not only make your house a more comfortable space but a wonderful investment as well. Such investments can prove to be exceptionally profitable in cities like Raleigh that are experiencing a housing boom. So, if you have become tired of seeing the same old designs in your house for years, this is your sign to get an upgrade now!