Fashion Meets Function: Celebrities Flaunt Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds are precious stones that can turn you into a fashionista within seconds without wearing expensive makeup and outfits. The spectacular diamond is a must-have for all those who believe in a royal and classic appearance. This simple addition will create a distinct recognition and impress your surroundings. However, the definition of diamonds is changing due to the innovation of lab-grown diamonds. These gemstones have transformed the jewelry industry and helped commoners to embrace the latest fashion and flaunt their diamond engagement rings without worrying about expenses. You can have the same sparkle and brilliance when considering lab diamonds and create the impression of wearing a natural diamond. The best place to buy lab-grown diamonds is Rare Carat.

A Rare Carat Diamond is worth having as you can have your favorite gemstone without hurting your budget, but the quality will be inspiring. You can check the 4Cs and ask experts to find a suitable stone. Rare Carat rings can be perfect for those who want to make their engagement memorable and add romance and charm to the occasion. You can choose from different ring styles and diamond cuts based on your preference and budget and feel confident on your big day without the guilt of harming the environment. Natural diamonds will create such feelings, as mining harms the environment and causes chronic diseases to those involved. However, lab diamonds come from the lab, causing minimal damage. That’s why celebrities and millennials prefer lab ones over earth diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds have reached the bridal industry since leading jewelers have started accepting sustainable solutions. You will find a great collection of lab-grown diamond engagement rings on Rare Carat. This well-known diamond seller is one of the best choices for diamond purchases since it works as a one-stop solution. You can take the help of experts and compare the prices of your diamond across 150 leading wholesalers. You can find the best cut and clarity. More importantly, the website will check your diamond for authenticity before delivering it. Keep reading to know what lab diamonds are and why celebrities cannot stop wearing them.

What Is a Lab Diamond?

A lab diamond is a gemstone sourced from the lab, not the earth. These gemstones are chemically, physically, and optically the same as your earth diamonds. The jewelers mimic the same diamond formation process in the lab to create lab diamonds and satisfy all those who love to wear precious gemstones. The best part is that there will be no difference in the sparkle and appearance of both these diamonds. They look identical, and the differences are unrecognizable to our eyes.

Why Do Celebrities Prefer Lab Diamonds?

The source of lab diamonds makes them a preferred choice for celebrities. The lab diamonds come from the lab and avoid the harmful mining process that impacts humanity and the environment. The mining process of natural diamonds makes these precious gemstones conflict and blood diamonds. Celebrities avoid buying these conflict diamonds for their source. They do not find any reason to go with mined diamonds, as lab and earth diamonds share the same physical and chemical properties. You will not notice any visible difference in the brilliance and sparkle. In brief, the source and identical look inspire celebrities to buy lab diamonds instead of mined ones. You can see many celebrities who flaunt their lab-grown diamond engagement rings. Bindi Irwin is one of them. She engaged in July 2019 and shared the news with her lab diamond engagement ring.

Actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed also embraced the lab diamond for their engagement. The Twilight actress redesigned her engagement ring with a lab diamond and inspired all her fans to go with eco-friendly solutions. Emma Watson, Camila Mendes, Zoe Kravitz, and other celebrities also preferred sustainable solutions for different occasions.

We wear diamonds for their sparkle and brilliance, not for the source. When you can get the same sparkle, brilliance, and properties without harming the environment and spending much, there is no point in going with earth diamonds.

Everyone would love to wear dream diamonds at an engagement or wedding. We all follow the same passion, including celebrities. However, the time has come to embrace alternatives to mining. Embrace eco-friendly solutions, save the environment, and flaunt your engagement ring with style and confidence. Rare Carat will support your journey!