10 Most Famous Streets In New Orleans 

Friends today we will find out the most famous street in New Orleans. New Orleans is an iconic city, there are dining, shopping, museums, water parks, popular streets, and corners for the best way to spend our time. Now we will study about most famous streets in New Orleans.

List Of 10 Most Famous Streets In New Orleans

Are you curious to know about the most famous streets in New Orleans? We will list the names of the streets here.

  1. Bourbon Street.
  2. Jackson Square.
  3. Congo Square.
  4. St. Charles Avenue.
  5. Magazine Street.
  6. Royal Street.
  7. Frenchmen Street.
  8. Esplanade Avenue.
  9. Oak Street
  10.  Canal Street

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Top 10 Famous Streets In New Orleans

We will guide you here which is the most famous street in New Orleans. We will describe different street names in New Orleans whose name is given in the list.

  1. Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street.

According to you what is a famous street in New Orleans? The answer is Bourbon street is the most famous New Orleans street. Because Street is a famous party street in New Orleans. It is decorated by beads and balconies, throbbing with music and lit by neon lights, free-flowing drinks, and more like Pubs. If you go there at any time of day you will find groups of people partying with live music and other street performers. It is a historic street in New Orleans in the heart of the French Quarter.

  1. Jackson Square

Jackson Square

Jackson Square is the most famous street in New Orleans and has one of the most recognizable views.  There are many restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops are around the square of which Cafe Du Monde is famous for its beignets and chicory coffee. St. cathedral’s green space provides you with the best spot from which to take a photo of the landscape. It is a National Historic Landmark found which is found in the center of the French Quarter.

  1. Congo Square

Congo Square

Congo Square is situated along the northern border of the French Quarter,  within Louis Armstrong Park. This is New Orlean’s culturally significant square and most popular park. In the late 1700s and early 1800s, the street had been filled with music, dancing, and slaves buying and selling goods for enough money to purchase their own needs. The most famous music street corner in New Orleans is Congo Square.

  1. Charles Avenue

charles avenue

Charles Avenue is a famous jazz street in New Orleans. It is in Louisiana, the U.S., and the home of the St. Charles Streetcar Line. It is also famous for the several mansions that adorn the tree-lined boulevard for much of the uptown section of the boulevard. St. Charles Avenue is one of the famous roads in new Orleans and the longest-running streetcar route in the world.

  1. Magazine Street

Magazine Street

Magazine Street’s name came from an ammunition magazine located in this vicinity during the 18th-century. In New Orleans, Louisiana, the street is a major thoroughfare. This is a famous street in the garden district of New Orleans.

  1. Royal Street

Royal Street

Royal Street is called a shopper’s paradise because it is a storehouse of grand family-owned antique shops and fine art galleries just a block and yet a world away from the party on Bourbon Street.

  1. Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen Street

Frenchmen street is crowded, buzzing, and vibrant. This is the musical stretch mostly in New Orleans. Live performances from traditional jazz to blues to reggae and rock and is, itself, famous, attracting audiences from all over the world. It is a famous jazz street in new Orleans.

  1. Esplanade Avenue

Esplanade Avenue

Esplanade Avenue is a hidden treasure that is perfect if you’re looking for a quiet, picturesque street to stroll down, It stretches from the river up to City Park. For biking or walking this is a perfect street.

  1. Oak Street

Oak Street

Oak Street is a historic street located in the Carrollton neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans. It is just over 1 mile from the meanders of the Mississippi River in the west to the campus of Tulane University in the east and the section of the street starts from Carrollton Avenue to Leake Avenue.

  1. Canal Street

Canal Street

Canal Street is one of the wealthiest New Orleans streets, and this is the best  for photos and sightings of the famous streetcars. You can see the normal red streetcars with yellow trim running along this street in New Orleans as well.

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What Is The Most Famous Street In New Orleans?

Bourbon Street

New Orleans’ famous Bourbon Street is famous for a reason
For many New Orleans visitors, Bourbon Street embodies the life of a party town. The street is lit by neon lights, throbbing with music and decorated by beads and balconies.

What Are Some Street Names In New Orleans?

Rampart Street. Robert E. Lee Boulevard. Royal Street. Simon Bolivar Avenue.

What Streets Are In The French Quarter?

Famous Streets of the French Quarter

  • Royal Street.
  • Bourbon Street.
  • Decatur Street.
  • Chartres Street.
  • Dauphine Street.
  • North Rampart Street.
  • North Peters Street.

What Is The Longest Street In New Orleans?

Claiborne Avenue is a major thoroughfare in New Orleans, Louisiana. It runs the length of the city, about 9.5 miles (15.3 km), beginning at the Jefferson Parish line and ending at the St. Bernard Parish line; the street continues under different names in both directions.

What Is The Prettiest Street In New Orleans?

Royal Street is easily the prettiest street in New Orleans. It runs around the “crescent” of the crescent city and it at its prettiest in the French Quarter. If you are looking for the perfect New Orleans street to explore, Royal Street is just that.

What Is The Safest Area To Stay In New Orleans?

Uptown and the Garden District are two of the safest areas you can stay in during your visit to New Orleans. The crime rates in these areas are drastically lower than in any other region of the city, so you can enjoy your stay without worrying about potential crime.

Can You Walk On Bourbon Street?

Bourbon Street is a mere 13 blocks long and yet is known worldwide for its drinking establishments. It is so famous that more bars in the world are named after it than after any other place. For the best experience, start your walk on Bourbon Street at Canal Street and walk north until you reach St. Philip.


In this article, we compiled all the famous streets names in New Orleans. Mostly these streets are famous for parties, music, and delightful lights. I will suggest you go to see Bourbon street at least once. We discovered the 10 most famous streets in New Orleans.

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What is the most famous street in New Orleans?