10 Most Famous Street In San Francisco 

Today we will discover the most famous street in San Francisco. From the study of these streets of San Francisco city, we can explore the iconic and authentic look of the city. Let’s go then we will find out the most famous street in San Francisco.

List Of 10 Famous Street In San Francisco

We will give you a brief idea of the 10 most famous streets in San Francisco. Let’s go through the list of street names first.

  1. Lombard Street
  2. Haight Street
  3. Castro Street
  4. Market Street
  5. Valencia Street
  6. Embarcadero
  7. Grant Avenue
  8. Divisadero
  9. Union Square
  10. Ghirardelli Square

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Top 10 Famous Street In San Francisco

Are you eager to know what is the most famous street in San Francisco? I will tell you the answer to this question here. I will describe the famous street in San Francisco below.

  1. Lombard Street

Lombard Street

The most famous street in San Francisco is Lombard Street. This is the most famous winding and zig-zag street in San Francisco. Because of its windy sharp curves, it is also called as “most crooked street in America”. It is famous for a steep, one-block section with 8 sharp hairpin turns. The Lombard street San Francisco address is Lombard St, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States. One of the famous crooked streets in San Francisco is Lombard Street. The Lombard street San Francisco direction is an east-west. Do you know Who lives on Lombard street? Good public schools, an old-fashioned neighborhood feel, and pedestrians either in the Forest Hill area or down by the beach.

  1. Haight Street

Haight Street

It starts from Market St. to Stanyan Street. A famous part of it is the intersection at Haight and Ashbury. This corridor is the part to walk and check out. This is the most classic street. Due to its elevation, it is also known as the Upper Haight. This is one of the famous street names in San Francisco. Old-school record stores, Edwardian and Victorian homes, vintage shops, and dive bars draw an eclectic mix of locals and visitors beautifully restored around the street. You can go by a Muni bus or the light rail N train to Haight Street. You can hire some skates and skate along Haight Street to Golden Gate Park as an afternoon of fun.

  1. Castro Street

Castro Street

Castro street is one of the historical streets of San Francisco’s gay neighborhood. In the nation, Castro is one of the famous street names in San Francisco.

  1. Market Street

Market Street

Market Street is having one of the more eye-catching stretches and it goes towards the Ferry Building. This is a famous street in San Francisco California. On Market Street the downtown stretch of San Francisco is unbeatable. If you’re feeling adventurous go towards Twin Peaks and you will appreciate the lively action of San Francisco.

  1. Valencia Street

Valencia Street

The street has lots of strange, specialized, restaurants, bars, and vintage stores. This is a famous hippie street in San Francisco. This street is also called as Heart of the Mission district.

  1. Embarcadero


This street runs along the waterfront of San Francisco, from the Bay Bridge, past the Ferry Building, and down to Pier 39. It is the most famous street in San Francisco in the port area of San Francisco that has evolved into a bustling area of shops, businesses, and sightseeing attractions.

  1. Grant Avenue

Grant Avenue

This is one of the oldest streets in the city’s Chinatown district. It creates an off-street pedestrian and bicycle pathway along with Great Avenue between Sunshine Street and College Street. This is a famous street in San Francisco California.

  1. Divisadero


This street runs from North-South from Haight Street to the Marina. On the Southside, it turns into Castro Street, while On the North side it runs into the Bay.

  1. Union Square

Union Square

In downtown San Francisco, Union Square is a joyful 1-block plaza, because of its different shopping, dining, and entertainment options. The large plaza is the heartbeat of the city. Because of art galleries, upscale department stores, chic boutiques, and off-Broadway theatres, this is one of the famous squares of the city. You can enjoy open-air ice-skating in the winter holidays. You can reach Union square by cable car, Muni, trolley bus, and BART.

  1. Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli Square

It is situated near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. This square is a public square with shops and restaurants and a 5-star hotel in the Marina area of San Francisco, California. Ghirardelli Square is a lovely place to walk, shop, and enjoy spectacular views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.


What Is The Most Beautiful Street In San Francisco?

The Most Beautiful Streets in San Francisco

  • Lincoln Boulevard | Flickr/Sandip Bhattacharya. Lincoln Blvd heading south. …
  • The Painted Ladies at Alamo Square | Flickr/John Paster. The Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. …
  • Napier Lane | Flickr/Nina. Napier Lane off the Filbert St steps. …
  • 16th Avenue | Flickr/rocor. 16th Ave, looking east.

What Street Is Billionaires Row San Francisco?

Broadway Street

This is the start of what locals refer to as “Billionaire’s Row.” This three-block stretch on Broadway Street between Divisadero and Lyon Street features some of the most expensive homes in the entire Bay Area.

Where Is Mark Zuckerberg House In SF?

Located at 3450 21st St., Zuckerberg purchased the home through a limited liability company SFRP.

Where Is Elon Musk’s House In San Francisco?

The 47-acre property in Hillsborough, California, near San Francisco, was built around 1912 and acquired by the Tesla billionaire in 2017. The mansion has 16,000 feet of interior space, including seven bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

What Is The Famous Winding Street In San Francisco?

Lombard Street

Known as the “Crookedest Street in the World,” Lombard Street is one of San Francisco’s most popular landmarks. Every year, millions of visitors walk or drive down its eight sharp hairpin turns.

Can You Walk Lombard Street?

Today, more than 2 million cars drive down it yearly. In fact, the city even recently proposed charging people to drive down it during busy times of the day. However, this was rejected and it’s still free to walk or drive down Lombard Street San Francisco.

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In this article, we share the most beautiful streets of San Francisco. We also got to know that Lombard is one of the famous flower streets in san Francisco. Hope that this information will be helpful to you. We introduce you to the 10 most famous streets in San Francisco here.

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