7 Famous People With Narcolepsy

Who are the Famous People With Narcolepsy? Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that affects the brain’s ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles. It is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness, sudden sleep attacks, and disturbed nighttime sleep. While narcolepsy can significantly impact one’s daily life, many individuals with the disorder have gone on to achieve great things. In this blog post, we will explore some famous people with narcolepsy.

List Of 7 Famous People With Narcolepsy

Do you know 7 famous People With Narcolepsy? Here we have prepared a list of the top 7 famous People With Narcolepsy.

  1. Winston Churchill
  2. Harriet Tubman
  3. Jimmy Kimmel
  4. Arthur Lowe
  5. Franck Bouyer
  6. Harriet Scott Chessman
  7. Henri-Georges Clouzot

Top 7 Famous People With Narcolepsy

Today I have 7 famous People With Narcolepsy here for you

  1. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill, one of the most famous and influential British leaders in history, is believed to have had narcolepsy. He was known to take afternoon naps and reportedly experienced sleep attacks during meetings and important events.

  1. Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman, the American abolitionist and political activist, is also believed to have had narcolepsy. She was known to fall asleep suddenly and unexpectedly, which was often mistaken for laziness.

  1. Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel, the American television host, comedian, and writer, has spoken publicly about his experience with narcolepsy. He has described falling asleep during meetings and even while driving, which led him to seek treatment for the disorder.

  1. Arthur Lowe

Arthur Lowe

Arthur Lowe, the British actor best known for his role as Captain Mainwaring in the sitcom “Dad’s Army,” was also believed to have had narcolepsy. He reportedly struggled with excessive daytime sleepiness and sleep attacks throughout his career.

  1. Franck Bouyer

Franck Bouyer

Franck Bouyer, a retired French professional cyclist, was diagnosed with narcolepsy in 2006. Despite the challenges of managing his symptoms, he continued to compete at the highest level and even won a stage of the Tour de France in 2003.

  1. Harriet Scott Chessman

Harriet Scott Chessman

Harriet Scott Chessman, an American author and professor, was diagnosed with narcolepsy in her thirties. She has written about her experience with the disorder in her memoir “The Beauty of Ordinary Things” and has used her platform to raise awareness about narcolepsy.

  1. Henri-Georges Clouzot

Henri-Georges Clouzot

Henri-Georges Clouzot, a French film director, was known to struggle with narcolepsy throughout his career. Despite his frequent sleep attacks, he went on to direct several critically acclaimed films, including “The Wages of Fear” and “Les Diaboliques.”

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What Famous Person Had Narcolepsy?

The late British prime minister Winston Churchill. 2. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel: makes light of his narcolepsy by saying, “Truth be told, I’d rather have narcolepsy than not have it.

Which President Had Narcolepsy?

William Howard Taft, the 27th president of the United States, once fell asleep while talking face-to-face with Joseph Cannon, the speaker of the House.

Do Any Actors Have Narcolepsy?

Jimmy Kimmel, an American television late-night personality, comedian, and actor, has a rare sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Narcolepsy causes extreme sleepiness during the day and can cause someone to fall asleep suddenly. Jimmy says that he has a mild case of narcolepsy with no other symptoms other than drowsiness.

Can You Live A Full Life With Narcolepsy?

The good news is that narcolepsy is a manageable condition, and nearly everyone with narcolepsy can lead a fulfilling life.


In conclusion, narcolepsy can be a challenging disorder to live with, but it is possible to manage its symptoms and lead a fulfilling life. The individuals mentioned above are just a few examples of the many people with narcolepsy who have gone on to achieve great things. By sharing their stories and raising awareness about the disorder, we can help to reduce stigma and support those affected by narcolepsy.


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