7 Famous Mermaid Painting

Mermaids have been a popular subject in art for centuries, inspiring countless artists to create their own interpretations of these mythical creatures. Here are some of the most famous mermaid paintings in art history.

List Of 7 Famous Mermaid Paintings

Do you know 7 famous Mermaid Painting? Here we have prepared the list of the top 7 famous Mermaid Painting.

  1. The Little Mermaid
  2. A Mermaid
  3. The Mermaid
  4. The Fisherman and the Syren
  5. Ondine
  6. The Mermaid Chair
  7. The Sea Maidens

Top 7 Famous Mermaid Painting

Today I have 7 famous Mermaid Painting here for you

  1. “The Little Mermaid” by Edward Eriksen: 

The Little Mermaid by Edward Eriksen

As mentioned in a previous blog post, Edward Eriksen’s painting depicts the iconic Little Mermaid sculpture he created for the city of Copenhagen. The painting captures the melancholic beauty of the mermaid character from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale and has become a beloved image in the art world.

  1. “A Mermaid” by John William Waterhouse: 

A Mermaid

This 1901 painting by British artist John William Waterhouse shows a mermaid sitting on a rock, holding a comb in her hand. The painting’s intricate details and vibrant colors have made it one of the most beloved mermaid paintings in art history.

  1. “The Mermaid” by Howard Pyle: 

American artist Howard Pyle’s 1910 painting depicts a mermaid sitting on a rock, gazing out at the ocean. The painting’s use of light and shadow creates a dreamlike atmosphere that captures the mystery and allure of the mermaid character.

  1. “The Fisherman and the Syren” by Frederic Leighton: 

The Fisherman and the Syren

This 1858 painting by English artist Frederic Leighton shows a mermaid luring a fisherman to his death. The painting’s dark subject matter and striking visual imagery have made it one of the most haunting mermaid paintings in art history.

  1. “Ondine” by John Waterhouse: 

"Ondine" by John Waterhouse: 

This 1872 painting by John Waterhouse shows a mermaid-like figure sitting on a rock, playing a harp. The painting’s use of light and color creates a tranquil, otherworldly atmosphere that captures the enchanting allure of mermaids.

  1. “The Sea Maidens” by Herbert James Draper: 

The Sea Maidens

This 1900 painting by British artist Herbert James Draper shows a group of mermaids lounging on a rock in the sea. The painting’s use of color and form creates a sense of movement and fluidity that captures the mermaids’ graceful and ethereal qualities.

  1. “The Mermaid Chair” by John Everett Millais: 

This 1856 painting by British artist John Everett Millais shows a mermaid sitting on a rock, holding a mirror. The painting’s intricate details and use of light and shadow create a realistic and captivating depiction of the mermaid character.

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What Is The Most Famous Mermaid?

Perhaps the most famous mermaid right now is Ariel, the star of Disney’s animated version of “The Little Mermaid,” by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen.

What Is The Painting In Ariel’s Grotto?

The painting by French artist Georges de la Tour and is titled Magdalen with the Smoking Flame. It was painted circa 1640 and features Mary Magdalen, dramatically drenched in candlelight, staring into the candle’s flame.

What Is The Famous Ocean Painting Called?

The Great Wave off Kanagawa (Japanese: 神奈川沖浪裏, Hepburn: Kanagawa-oki Nami Ura, lit. ‘Under the Wave off Kanagawa’) is a woodblock print by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai, created in late 1831 during the Edo period of Japanese history.

Which Disney Princess Is A Mermaid?

Deep beneath the sea lived a little mermaid named Ariel. She loved exploring her underwater home with her friend flounder but dreamed of living on land as a human.


In conclusion, these famous mermaid paintings are a testament to the enduring appeal of these mythical creatures in the world of art. Each painting captures the beauty, mystery, and allure of mermaids in its own unique way, inspiring generations of artists and art lovers alike.


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