15 Most Famous Dogs In Movies

Today we share the most famous dogs in movies. Dogs can be one of our family members if we bring them home. There are so many movies in different languages where dogs play roles as actors and actresses do. The dog actors are well trained, so they light up the screen and make us emotional sometimes. Do you know any dogs from the movie? Let’s discuss the most famous dogs in the movies.

List Of 15 Most Famous Dogs In Movies

Here we will compile a list of the most famous dogs in movies. Are you ready to make a list of famous dogs names in movies?

  1. Blair
  2. Toto
  3. Chance
  4. Chris 
  5. Lassie
  6. Benji
  7. Buddy
  8.  Clifford 
  9. Fly 
  10.  Hooch 
  11. Lady and Tramp 
  12. Marley 
  13. Milo 
  14. Slinky Dog
  15. Buster

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Top 15 Most Famous Dogs In Movies

In this article, we take a look at some of the most famous dogs in movies, and the famous roles played by them.

  1. Blair


Blair is the world’s first famous dog character in the movie. Blair played this character in 1905, a British silent movie named “Rescued by Rover”. The credit for introducing the first dog actor goes to this movie. Blair played the role of Rover.

  1. Toto


In 1939, Terry played the role of Toto in “The Wizard of Oz”. Terry already appeared in several films before this. He was later owned by Hollywood trainer Carl Spitz. Although Toto was small, there also he took part in Dorothy’s success in getting back home. Toto is among ten dogs in movies that are famous.

  1. Chance


Rattler is the American Bulldog who played the role of Chance in the movie “Homeward Bound” The Incredible Journey. They travel about 300 miles to find their owners. This journey only can be possible with true old friends. He is one of the famous boxer dogs in the movie.

  1. Beethoven


Chris played the role of Beethoven in the movie Beethoven. He receives professional training to complete the agility-based scenes.

  1. Lassie


The role of Lassi was first played by Collie. Lassie is one of the famous female dogs in the movies. She was from a very lovable family. One day she found some adventure. There were several movies and TV shows over there where Lassie found her.

  1. Benji


The Original Benji from the Benji film series (1974-2004). Benji is one of the famous dogs in movies named Benji. This is a story of a stray dog who become a family member and tried to save his adopted family when they got kidnapped. Higgins is a famous dog in history for his feelings and emotional expression.

  1. Buddy


Buddy is one of the famous dog characters in the movie “Air Bud”, 1997. He was the gold retriever, who is famous for his similar role played in the movie air bud.

  1. Clifford


From 1963, Clifford began as one of the famous dogs in movies and books by Norman Bridwell, which convert later into cartoon series from 2000 to 2003.

  1. Fly


Babe is truly an award-winning and fantastic family movie, 1995 is about a pig, but it has an amazing dog, named Fly. Fly is a Border Collie who takes young piglet Babe takes essential care and becomes his surrogate mother. She guides Babe about sheepherding, and she understands a few lessons from her little sheep pig herself.

  1. Hooch


The dog Hooch is from the movie Turner & Hooch, 1989. Turner was an American cop and the dog Hooch was his buddy. Who plays role in the comedy movie Tom Hanks and Beasley the Dog as the main hero characters.

  1. Lady and Tramp

Lady and Tramp

Lady is a famous female dog in the movies Lady and the Tramp,1955. When Jim and Darling bring a baby into the house, the lady feels ignored. Lady is blamed for all the devastation when Aunt Sarah gets her twin Siamese cats.

  1. Marley


The dog Marley plays role in “Marley and Me movie” 2008. In this movie, the dog Marley becomes a family member, but other family members understand him after he died.

  1. Milo


This dog occurs in The Mask movie, 1994. This type of dog is wearing a mask that completely changes his appearance. 

  1. Slinky Dog

Slinky Dog

Slinky is not a real dog in Toy Story, in 1995. He is an animated toy like other toys. The voice of the actor Jim Varney made Slinky so great. Slinky is very loving and faithful like other dogs therefore he includes in this list of famous dogs.

  1. Buster


He is one of the Disney famous dogs in the movies Toy Story film series. Buster belonged to Andy Davis, who received Buster as a puppy for Christmas at the ending of the first film, but appeared as a grown-up dog in the second movie and grew old in the third movie.

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Who Is The Most Famous Dog In Movies?

Famous Dogs in Movies: Our Top Canine Cinema Stars

  • Spike, The Mastiff/Labrador Retriever Mix Who Played Old Yeller.
  • Terry, The Cairn Terrier Who Played Toto.
  • Higgins, The Original Benji.
  • Chris, The Saint Bernard Who Played Beethoven.
  • Mushu, Frank The Pug from “Men In Black”
  • Uggie, From “The Artist”

What Is The Most Legendary Dog?

Sure, dogs are man’s best friend, but they are also important to pop culture. Lassie the heroic collie has appeared in novels, movies, TV shows, and video games over the years. Rin Tin Tin, a silent film star, appeared in 27 movies.

Who Is The Most Famous Dog Actor?


  • Rin Tin Tin.
  • Lassie.
  • Uggie, The Artist’s Jack Russell Terrier.
  • Beethoven.
  • Hachiko.

Who Was The First Dog Movie Star?

But the very first American dog movie star was Jean, a tricolor Scotch collie from Maine who starred in some 25 silent films from 1910 to 1916.

Who Is The Most Famous Dog In History?

Laika. One of the most famous dogs in the world is the first dog in space – Laika. Some have praised this dog because of the action she took part in, and others were in a state of shock that such cruelty was done to an innocent dog.

Which Dog Is Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli

He had a dog named Bruno (Beagle dog breed) who had been with Virat for 11 years and had a lifetime connection with him before passing away. Virat and his wife were devoted to the dog.

What Is The Most Famous TV Dog?

In the annals of television, there are few dogs as iconic as Lassie, a collie who has appeared in numerous films and television series through the decades. In fact, not only has Lassie herself become iconic: it’s also true that the plot lines of her films have become a part of popular culture as well.


We discussed the dogs and their interesting roles played in movies. We discover here all movies in which dogs play the role of actors. We also got an idea about boxer dogs, and female dogs. We find out here the 15 most famous dogs in movies. 

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Who are the most famous dogs in TV series?