18 Most Famous Couples In Movies

We all love to watch the most famous couples in movies. We will discuss here famous couples and their characters in tv shows or movies, whether it’s a romantic, comedy, or fictional, the results are the same. They have the power to turn fictional things into believers and criticizers into fans. Let me tell you about these most famous couples in movies

List Of Most Famous Couples In Movies

In this article, we will discover the most famous couples in movies. Let’s go through the list of names first.

  1. Johnny and Baby
  2. Rick and Ilsa
  3. Jamal and Latika
  4. Rose and Jack 
  5. Noah and Allie
  6. Sally and Harry
  7. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet
  8. Sam and Molly 
  9. Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell
  10. Mary Jane and Peter 
  11. Elizabeth and Will
  12. Tony and Carmela
  13. Jake And Neytiri
  14. Albert and Armand
  15. Vivian and Edward
  16. Christine and Raoul
  17. Aladdin and Jasmine
  18. Tish and Fonny 

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Top 18 Famous Couples In Movies


Today we will discuss the most famous couples in movies. We will explore the movie couples list in detail.

  1. Johnny And Baby

Johnny And Baby

Johnny(Patrick Swayze) and Baby (Jennifer Grey) worked together in the “Dirty Dancing” movie. Their relationship tells the story of two people who grow and change for each other. The two meet on summer vacation to a Catskills resort where Johnny works as a dance instructor.

  1. Rick And Ilsa

Rick And Ilsa

This is one of the most famous couples in movies and tv. Rick (Humphrey Bogart) and Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) in the movie ‘Casablanca’, met in France and had a love affair, and planned to escape from war. but Ilsa left.

  1. Jamal And Latika

Jamal And Latika

Both Jamal and Latika are from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. One of the most famous couples in movies was orphaned children living on the street. They separated when younger and later they overcome difficult situations and meet again.

  1. Rose And Jack

Rose And Jack 

In this James Cameron’s story, Rose and Jack, are two different people who fall in love on the Titanic ship journey. “Titanic” is the most epic romance film. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in Hollywood are the most famous couples in movies.

  1. Noah And Allie

Noah And Allie

In The Notebook movie, Ryan Gosling (Noah) and Rachel McAdams (Allie) meet at a carnival, but their family is determined to keep them separated.

  1. Sally And Harry

Sally And Harry

Sally and Harry are the most famous couples in movies from Nora Ephron’s movie When Harry Met Sally. They both were best friends and finally become close companions.

  1. Romeo Montague And Juliet Capulet

Romeo Montague And Juliet Capulet

Romeo and Juliet are one of the fictional couples in movies. They worked together in the movie ‘Romeo + Juliet’. Romeo falls in love with Juliet. This is a classic and tragic tale of love.

  1. Sam And Molly

Sam And Molly 

Death also can’t stop Sam’s (Patrick Swayze) love for Molly (Demi Moore), in the movie “Ghost” which is a horror romantic movie.

  1. Cary Grant And Rosalind Russell

Cary Grant And Rosalind Russell

One of the famous funny couples in movies is Cary and Rosalind. The couple is the best dynamic iconic comedy couple in the movie “His Girl Friday”.

  1. Mary Jane And Peter

Mary Jane And Peter 

Mary and Peter act together in the most famous marvel movie Spider-Man 2. Jane gets caught in the web of one of the most famous comic characters.

  1. Elizabeth And Will

Elizabeth And Will

Elizabeth and Will work as a couple in the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’. Elizabeth got a man who become a pirate of her heart.

  1. Tony And Carmela

Tony And Carmela

Tony and Carmela are famous evil couples in movies. In the movie, Sopranos Tony commits dozens of crimes, but Carmela only sees the benefit of her husband’s wrongdoing. This is one of the famous evil couples in movies.

  1. Jake And Neytiri – Avatar

Jake And Neytiri - Avatar

Jake and Neytiri are one of the famous odd couples in movies. They played role in the movie Avatar which is weird in concept and pop culture.

  1. Albert And Armand

Albert And Armand

Albert and Armand act together in the movie ‘The Birdcage’. The movie wouldn’t be so funny if there wasn’t a super solid partnership between Albert and Armand.

  1. Vivian And Edward

Vivian And Edward

Vivian and Edward both are as a couple in the movie “Pretty Woman”. You must see this beautiful movie.

  1. Christine And Raoul

Christine And Raoul

Christine and Raoul worked together in the movie ‘The Phantom of the Opera. She chooses the right person for her.

  1. Aladdin And Jasmine

Aladdin And Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine couple is one of the most famous couples in Disney movies. Aladdin falls in love with Princess Jasmine and then turns the volume up on “A Whole New World”.

  1. Tish And Fonny

Tish And Fonny 

Tish and Fonny played role in the movie ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’. This is a story of stunning friends becoming true lover’s journeys.


Who Are The Most Romantic Couple?

The world’s most romantic couple Anette and Kenneth Lund have already married each other six times as well as breaking a world record with four ceremonies in one day. The pair are so besotted they plan to keep tying the knot every year until they die in a bid to keep the excitement of their marriage alive.

Who Is The Biggest Power Couple?

2020’s biggest power couple was Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox, who are still together. Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories

What Is The Shortest Love Story?

A boy and a girl sit in the center of the world on a train going 98.8 miles per hour. Girl wonders if everyone can see her heart pounding out of her chest as she imagines him approaching her. Boy nervously taps against the train window, hopelessly wishing she would speak to him.

Who Is The Most Romantic Disney Princess?

All the Disney princesses are loved, but Princess Ariel just might be the most loved of all the princesses. Her sweet and charismatic character won the hearts of every Disney fan around the world.

Who Are Some Disney Couples?

Let us know in the comments.

  • Belle and Beast.
  • Cinderella and Prince Charming.
  • Prince Eric and Ariel.
  • Aladdin and Jasmine.
  • Lady and Tramp.
  • Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.
  • Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.
  • Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip.

What The Heck Is Polyamory?

Polyamory is when more than two people are involved in an intimate and/or sexual relationship. The relationships are known to those involved, and everyone has the opportunity to have multiple relationships at the same time.

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In this article, we saw 20 among the top 100 movie couples. These all are of different behaviors like funny couples, crazy couples, evil couples, fictional couples, etc. All We discussed here famous people in movies.

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What are the best movie couples of all time?