Do You Want to Protect Your Loved Ones in Las Vegas from Nursing Home Abuse?

You must have decided to keep your loving elder ones in a particular nursing home, not out of choice but under compulsion. You may have a difficult time deciding this. However, you have selected the nursing home very carefully after a lot of research. However, everything seems not to be going as per your expectations.  

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Few signs of nursing home abuse

While it is unsettling to anticipate the possibility that a loved one might experience abuse in a nursing home, it is crucial to be aware of the signs and be ready to take action if you observe any of them. Indicators of nursing home abuse are the following:

  • Changes in condition, like a sudden loss of weight or becoming ill mysteriously
  • Poor hygiene, like unwashed hair 
  • Development of bedsores or some other health concerns
  • Changes in mood/emotions, which includes depression, withdrawal, and angry outbursts
  • Physical mark of injuries like bruising, cut, bite marks etc.
  • Bigger physical injuries beyond explanation like a bone fracture or broken hip
  • Changes in finances like withdrawal of large cash or taking out a loan
  • Torn or bloodied undergarments and clothing.

In some cases, you can identify signs of a nursing home facility where abuse or neglect may be occurring by looking beyond the behavior of your loved one. Consider observing the environment and the experiences of other residents.

  • Are there indications of cleanliness and organization?
  • Do residents appear content?
  • Are staff members engaging with residents in a caring and compassionate manner?

These external factors can provide valuable clues about the overall quality of care within the facility, aside from your loved one’s experiences.

Ace Law Group is here to assist you in addressing these sources of distress and ensuring those at fault are held accountable. They will conduct a comprehensive investigation into your circumstances and assist you in constructing a solid legal case.

Reach out to them to advocate for compensation for your loved ones. Dealing with elder abuse is a complex and distressing matter, and Ace Law Group acknowledges the challenges involved, providing compassionate service in every instance.

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