Decoding the Color Spectrum of Diamonds: Breaking the Myth of Rarity

Color is an interesting property in diamonds that consumers don’t always take into consideration. Not all diamonds are pure and clear. Many have varying degrees of yellow tones due to their mineral composition. There are also bright stones in a range of other hues. This is an interesting subject where you can learn more at Rare Carat and use their marketplace to find the best deals. Here’s a brief starting point on the importance of the color spectrum and the factors affecting their intensity and value.

The International Diamond Color Scale

The best way to understand diamond color is through the international diamond color scale. This is a standardized system that allocates letters to diamonds based on the presence of color. You will be able to learn more at Rare Carat.

  • Typically, the most sought-after and high-value diamonds are those in the D-F colorless range, where there is no discernable color in the stone.
  • Below that are the G-J near colorless stones, which have a faint warmth but nothing that noticeable without closer inspection.
  • Then there are the faintly colored stones from K-Z. Those at the lower end do have noticeable yellow tones and are cheaper for it.

Fancy Colored Diamonds

This scale from D to Z regards all white diamonds from completely colorless to those with faint natural yellow tones. However, there are other diamonds out there with more vibrant colors. These fancy-colored diamonds come in pinks, yellows, blues, and more and are the result of mineral reactions in the stone. Some have faint colors, while others are much more vibrant. The brightest, most vibrant stones can offer a great alternative look for jewelry items.

The Rarity of Colored Diamonds

Rarity often plays a big part in the value of diamonds. With the International scale, there is greater value on the D-F stones because it is rarer to find a natural stone with no color at all. Near colorless stones are more common, such as H-grade stones, and are a great affordable alternative that looks just as great.

However, consumers should be careful with any company selling fancy-colored diamonds as high-end rarities or natural anomalies. While they might insist that a bright blue diamond is one of a kind, that isn’t the case. The rise of lab-grown diamonds means that technicians can use various treatments and manipulate the growth of stones to add extra color. The benefit of all this is that there is a more adaptable market with room for custom orders.

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How Does Cut and Shape Affect Diamond Color?

Another thing that buyers need to consider when buying diamonds online is that the cut and shape of the stone can have an impact on color. Generally, shapes with many facets, such as the round brilliant cut diamond, will hide color pretty well. This is great for those that choose a more budget-friendly near-colorless stone and want to hide any sign of a yellow tinge.

On the opposite end of the scale, there is the option to go for a shape with minimal facets on a colored stone. A bold Emerald Cut diamond will help accentuate the richer tones of a fancy-colored stone. Anyone interested in these different cuts can learn more at Rare Carat.

Finding The Best Colored Diamonds at Rare Carat.

Whether buyers prefer the idea of a completely colorless D-color diamond or one of these alternative hues, they need a reliable place to shop. Rare Carat is the ideal marketplace to source stones of all colors, shapes, and cuts to find the perfect fit. Shoppers can adjust the sliding scales to determine the best combination of factors to suit their tastes and budget. From there, they are matched with GIA-certified stones and receive detailed reports from expert gemologists.

The majority of buyers find that the stones received are true to the color indicated in the report and very happy with the quality. This level of consistency and great customer service is why Rare Carat has a rating of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot and Google.

Does Color Matter?

Color does matter when buying diamonds online, which is why Rare Carat offers such a clear selection process to get the best deal. For some, a colorless diamond will offer the best value as an investment piece. This can increase based on the cut and carat. Others will see color as a bonus for diamond jewelry with great clarity. There is something for everyone out there. Those that follow the charts and use the Rare Carat marketplace can’t go wrong.