Cushion Cut Diamonds As Center Stones

Cushion-cut diamonds remain a popular choice for centre stones, with many people choosing to shop at Rare Carat for the best deals. But why is this stone such a great choice, how can couples make the most of these stones, and why to choose Rare Carat to buy online?

The Beauty Of Cushion Cut Diamonds As Center Stones.

The cushion cut diamond has long been seen as a stunning centre stone for engagement rings and pendants. This diamond has a timeless look that ensures its ongoing popularity with designers. There is also a classic romance to the stone that makes it a top choice for couples. The facets and shine of this stone go a long way, especially with high-end diamonds with excellent geometry. The rounded edges soften the feel but don’t make it quite as round as the traditional round brilliant diamond. With the right carat and clarity rating, it can make a big impact.

Cushion Cut Diamonds Vs. Princess Cut Diamonds.

The Princess Cut Diamond is one of the more fashionable choices right now because it has a stronger angular shape with sharp corners. It suggests a greater sense of individuality and power than the softer cushion cut. These can make great centre stones too or stand alone as a statement piece.

Cushion Cut Diamonds In Minimalist Settings.

For many consumers, a single cushion cut diamond is beautiful enough on its own. Many designers use minimalist settings with thin bands and limited design features to let these stones shine in the centre of the ring. The larger the carat, the more impressive this can look on a small solitaire or split shank setting. However, the shape and beauty of these stones mean that they also look great against alternative complementary stones around the outside.

Cushion Cut Diamonds In Other Settings

One of the most popular ways to showcase a quality cushion cut diamond with additional stones is the halo setting. This involves crafting a ring of smaller diamonds around the centre stone. Some are small and sit back from the main stone while others are more showy. If this is too larger for smaller fingers, it might be better to go for a pave setting with tiny diamonds set in the band. This increases the sparkle over 360 degrees without taking too much away from the centre stone.

Of course, the great thing about the range of diamond cuts when you shop at Rare Carat is that you can get interesting smaller stones like crescents and triangles that fit neatly on either side of the cushion cut stone to elongate the shape.

Colored Cushion Cut Diamonds With Additional White Diamonds.

Another consideration when looking at the beauty of cushion cut stones as centre stones is their color. The immediate choice for many consumers is to go for something as colorless as possible for that natural white sparkle. However, many also ask what does it mean if my lab-grown diamond is treated?

Well, a treated lab-grown diamond undergoes processes to alter the color and/or fluorescence of the stone. This means that coloration in cushion cut centre stones goes beyond the faint yellowing in natural diamonds. There are now lots of vibrant fancy-colored diamonds in blues, pinks, purples, and more.

This gives a whole new edge to a diamond as a centre stone and can enhance aspects of the wearer’s personality. They can also look great in that halo and pave settings when paired with smaller white diamonds. The centre stone stands out even more and will get a lot of compliments.

Shop At Rare Carat For Cushion Cut Diamonds For Your Perfect Center Stone.

Anyone that wants to find the best cushion centre stone and buy online should work with the experts at Rare Carat. This online marketplace provides a vast range of options in cushion cut diamonds so buyers get precisely what they need at the best price. The step-by-step customization process makes it easy to alter the carat, color, and clarity to find the ideal stone. Buyers can also take the time to source any additional stones for the setting and get a great deal. With a Trustpilot rating of 4.9/5, there is no doubt that this is the best place for customer satisfaction.

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Cushion-cut centre stones will always be popular and the growing trend for treated lab diamonds makes it even easier to customize the ideal rings. Those that work with Rare Carat are sure to find a stone that will shine in the middle of the perfect ring.