Cushion cut diamonds and their role in Hollywood

Cushion-cut diamonds are popular in Hollywood fashion and the jewelry industry. Many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Sofia Vergara, and Kim Kardashian have chosen this type of cut diamond for their engagement rings or red-carpet events! But why? Cushion-cut diamonds represent sophistication and timeless elegance – Something extremely valuable in places like Hollywood.

This post will review the said types of diamonds and engagement rings. It will also review how to buy online any GIA-certified diamond, how to shop at Rare Carat (one of the leading places to compare jewelry and choose the finest option), and how are lab grown diamonds made?. If that sounds interesting, stay tuned!

 Why Are Cushion-cut Diamonds So Elegant?

 Cushion-cut diamonds are a staple in Hollywood’s fashion and the jewelry industry. Celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Aniston, as mentioned above, have joined this movement. But the trend has been around for a long time. We can say it is vintage.

 For example, Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor’s vintage diamond engagement rings were legendary at the time. But now, plenty of actresses have been proposed to with equally beautiful (or even better) rings! And they certainly wear them to red carpets and events.

 Coming back to the question of why are these types of diamonds so elegant and highly valued, here are a few reasons why:

  1. Vintage charm. Being an antique shape that’s been around for centuries, it evokes romanticism and beauty. The origins of this shape date back to the 18th century, making it the right choice for romantics.
  2. Soft and romantic. Their romantic aesthetic sets them apart from other diamond shapes that may not look as soft. The cushion-cut diamond has rounded corners that create a delicate sparkle that appeals to individuals who prefer a captivating yet elegant look.
  3. Versatility. Similarly to other diamonds, customers can customize cushion-cut diamonds, allowing for different designs and personal styles. This helps adapt the diamond to various personal styles!
  4. Enhanced color and clarity. Since its facets are larger, it masks diamond colors and clarity characteristics. This makes the diamond all the more appealing, especially for vain customers who enjoy overall beauty and are willing to compromise to achieve it!

Of course, the preferences of each individual differ, and not everyone will like a cushion-cut diamond shape. But that is why pages like Rare Carat exist – To help you and guide you until you find the right piece of jewelry for you or your loved one!

 The Role of Cushion-Cut Diamonds in Hollywood

 For all the reasons mentioned above, this diamond shape has been used in Hollywood for decades and centuries. It provides elegance and beauty, making it the right choice for a red carpet and even an engagement ring (especially among celebrities!).

 Hollywood Celebrities Seen With Cushion-Cut Diamonds

 Whether it’s vintage actresses and celebrities like Lucille Ball, who received a cushion-cut diamond and platinum ring; to Lana Turner, who received a pear-shaped diamond from one of her eight husbands, celebrities are now more into it than ever. Let’s look at the list.

  • Kim Kardashian received a 15-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from Kanye West
  • Jennifer Aniston received a 10-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from her (now, unfortunately, ex-husband) Justin Theroux
  • Meghan Markle received a 3-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from Prince Harry
  • Sofia Vergara received a 7-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from her husband Jose Manganiello
  • Beyoncé received a 10-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from her husband Jay-Z

Red carpet:

  • Angelina Jolie wore a 16-carat cushion-cut diamond necklace to the 2009 Oscars
  • Kate Hudson wore a 5-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from her ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy
  • Blake Lively wore a 12-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from her husband Ryan Reynolds
  • Jennifer Lawrence wore a 16-carat cushion-cut diamond necklace to the 2013 Oscars
  • Anne Hathaway wore a 6-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring from her husband Adam Shulman

And these are only some examples!

While these talented women and celebrities help popularize the elegance and sophistication of these rings, most people cannot afford them. And that is why this post will briefly review Rare Carat and lab-grown diamonds.

 Shop at Rare Carat: Buy Online the Highest-Quality and Most Affordable Diamonds

 Rare Carat is the number one marketplace in the United States to buy and compare diamonds and jewelry. After reading about the importance of cushion-cut diamonds and the celebrities that can afford to wear them on a red carpet or in their daily lives, clients may think they lack the money or sophistication to display such a jewel. But Rare Carat works with lab-grown diamonds, which are environmentally friendly and more affordable than natural diamonds. This makes lab-grown cushion-cut diamonds more accessible to the public every day.

 How are Lab-grown Diamonds Made?

 Unlike traditional mining, which damages the land and the environment, lab-grown diamonds are born in a controlled environment by scientists. This means that there are fewer risks, less pollution, and, most importantly, the pieces are much more affordable for clients. Not to mention that the results are almost identical.

 There are two main ways to obtain these environmentally-friendly lab-grown diamonds:

  1. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  2. High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT)

 But if you are interested in learning more about these techniques, check the links in this post. Not only will you learn some useful information before making a purchase, but you can also take advantage of its service that compares different jewelry and diamonds for you. This is based on filters and preferences until you find the perfect one!

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