Celebrities’ Choice: Vvs Or Vs? Exploring Diamond Clarity Trends In The Spotlight

When it comes to diamond rings, celebrities tend to gravitate towards stones with exceptional clarity. Flawless diamonds dazzle under the spotlight, mesmerizing on the red carpet and in the public eye. As A-listers show off their sparkling gems, two clarity grades remain ever-popular: VVS and VS. This article explore the appeal of both top-tier grades among the rich and famous.

We’ll cover how the finest-quality VVS diamonds attract celebrities looking for perfection. Yet even with minute imperfections, VS diamonds also shine brightly, allowing substantial carat sizes. To better understand these elite clarity grades and find your ideal diamond, Rare Carat provides invaluable guidance. Their experts explain how factors like VS1 quality intersect with beauty and budget. Keep reading for an insider’s look into VVS and VS diamonds among the stars.

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The Allure of VVS Diamonds in Hollywood

In celebrity circles, VVS diamonds reign supreme. Short for ?? very, very slightly included, VVS represents one of the top tiers of diamond clarity recognized by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). VVS diamonds have minute imperfections that are extremely difficult to spot under 10x magnification.

To the naked eye, vvs diamonds here appear flawless and dazzling. For red carpet diamonds glistening under the spotlight, a VVS clarity grade ensures optimal light performance. Stars gravitate towards diamonds with the least inclusions possible for maximum brilliance and fire.

As GIA notes, the difference between VVS1 and VVS2 grades is negligible. Both classify diamonds with minute inclusions as “difficult to see under 10x magnification.” However, in celebrity style, only the best will do. VVS1 often wins out for its top-of-the-line status.

When Rihanna hit the Oscars red carpet in 2015 dripping in over 150 carats of diamonds, the statement necklace alone contained VVS1 diamonds weighing more than 52 carats. Top-tier VVS1 provides perfection worthy of the limelight.

VS Diamonds Also Shine Among Celebrities

While VVS diamonds mesmerize celebrity hands, VS diamonds remain a popular choice as well. VS denotes ?? very slightly included’ diamonds with minor flaws visible under 10x magnification. Like vvs diamonds here, vs1 quality diamonds appear flawless to the naked eye.

For superstar-sized diamonds, a VS clarity grade makes these grand pieces more attainable. Gabrielle Union’s 8.8-carat oval engagement ring houses a vs1 quality centre stone. At this large carat size, a VS clarity grade helps keep the price lower than a perfect VVS diamond.

Many celebrity engagement rings also opt for VS quality. Serena Williams’ magnificent ring from Alexis Ohanian sports a VS2 center diamond. VS allows for impressive carat sizes like Halle Berry’s 8-carat emerald stunner to come to life. While VVS will always be the crème de la crème, VS diamonds shine brightly on the red carpet as well.

Evaluating Your Diamond Clarity Needs with Rare Carat

When searching for your perfect diamond, clarity is one piece of the puzzle. The GIA Clarity Scale ranges from Flawless to Included, with VVS and VS occupying the top tiers. Determining the right clarity grade for you requires balancing beauty, body color, and budget.

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