Car accident in Las Vegas: Don’t miss these essential steps 

If you live in Vegas, you know that car accidents often happen on the busy roads of this fast-paced city. While you may hear stories in the news, nothing compares to the trauma after such a mishap. Even when you have not suffered severe injuries, the immediate impact can be shaking and overwhelming. As a driver, you are expected to know Nevada laws and steps that you must take after an accident. You may also consider hiring a car accident lawyer who will represent your interests as you file the claim. Here’s what the laws expect you to do after a mishap in Vegas.

  1. Stop immediately. If you were driving your car that got involved in an accident, you are required to stop at the scene. Ensure you stop at the nearest point while adhering to safety norms and do not obstruct traffic. If you flee the scene, you may have to deal with criminal consequences. 
  2. Share and get details. You should share information with other drivers, including your name, contact details, vehicle registration number, and address. Make sure that you also get details of all parties involved in the crash. 
  3. Cooperate with the police. When a police officer arrives at the scene, ensure that you cooperate and share all details listed above. If the officer wants you to surrender your license, you must do so without resisting. 
  4. Call 911. If someone is injured, you should try helping them. Don’t move an injured person if you are not confident, but call 911 immediately to get emergency medical assistance. 
  5. Report the accident. If you called the police but no officer came to check the scene, ensure that you report the mishap to the nearest law enforcement agency or to the Nevada Highway Patrol. 

Other things to know

No matter your role, do not admit fault to the other party. There is a high chance that the party is potentially at a higher fault share for the accident, and your admittance of guilt could impact your claim. Get information on witnesses at the scene, if any, and don’t forget to contact an injury lawyer right after the accident. Your lawyer is going to offer support as you file the claim and deal with the insurance process. Your attorney will also tell you the things that you must avoid in the given situation, like posting details on social media or accepting the initial insurance offer.