Asscher-Cut Diamonds: From Royalty to Hollywood Royalty

Leaving the past behind or not dwelling on history makes you focus more on the present and do your best for your future. But those happenings in the past defined a person for who you are right now. As they say that history repeats itself but not totally in all cases, remembering those important past events is also important. This history allows you to appreciate those people who helped you, especially at your lowest moments and enables you to appreciate the life you have right now. One memorable story of the past that will touch the hearts of everyone especially those who love diamonds is the humble beginnings of Asscher-cut on how it turned from a simple and not notable cut to a famous and in-demand cut in the world. This article is about Asscher-Cut Diamonds: From Royalty to Hollywood Royalty which features the best Asscher-Cut from Rare Carat, the number 1 online diamond seller in the world.

Asscher-Cut Diamonds: From Royalty to Hollywood Royalty

History of Asscher-cut Diamonds

The stunning Asscher cut was originated and patented by a well-known Asscher family, especially Joseph Asscher who was first entrusted by the King of England in 1907 and was commissioned by a British Royal Family. These two brothers had the expertise and were well-known for cutting Cullinan diamonds. These two men became so expert at cutting diamonds that they decided to make their own unique beautiful cut. This cut first appeared in 1902 and there were three additional cuts patented by the Asscher family and these are Asscher cushion, Asscher oval, and Asscher brilliant. From a simple beginning and a history that is not memorable to others to what they achieved right now. To learn more about the history of Asscher-cut diamonds, simply visit for you to search on their Asscher-cut collections or you can also build a connection by chatting with one of their live agents as they are trained gemologists for them to assist and help you decide if these classic and timeless cuts are the best or right for you. Their live agents are the ones who will pop up on your screen as they will immediately ask about your concern or the particular diamond query you have in mind. They can be trusted and the site is 100% genuine as they offer the best and high-quality diamonds not just in the US but all over the world.

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From Royalty to Hollywood Royalty

Who would have thought that from its history being commissioned by a Royal Family is now the eye and talk of Hollywood Royalty? The first Hollywood star who first bought Asscher cut in the form of a ring was a German actress named Vera Krupp in 1952 when she was relocated to the US. When her life turned upside down like experiencing some downfalls in life, this ring was stolen right off her finger and asked for help from the FBI. The ring was found and returned to her but its physical resemblance is not in its original form as all of the stones are taken out of their settings. Another Hollywood star who bought Asscher cut Krupp diamond which is a gift for her wife Elizabeth Taylor is Mr. Richard Burton. This precious stone was her wife’s favorite piece of jewelry. Later on, this Krupp diamond was renamed Elizabeth Taylor after her death in 2011. From those well-known Hollywood actresses. this Asscher-cut has now a special place in their ring finger which became part of those actresses’ images and history. Now, this special cut is a well-known diamond cut in Hollywood Royalty. To learn more and search for best deals, buy from Rare Carat‘s website at as they have the best and high-quality Asscher-cut diamonds in the world.


Buy From Rare Carat for You to Have The Best of Asscher Cut

Asscher cut has a unique feature and a beautiful modern version of a step cut that makes them different from others. One of the best features of Asscher-cut is their very unique or distinct appearance which would make them easy for you to spot on as compared with other diamond cuts. They have square-shaped emerald cuts with wide corners like a sort of princess-step cut having unique bevelled corners that will them stronger or firmer to avoid chipping or causing them to break. To have the best version of Asscher-cut, choosing a high clarity for this cut is vital when you shop online or at any physical store. A sample of these higher clarity grades is VS2 which is highly recommended by diamond experts. To learn more and search for the best deals if you want to purchase online Asscher-cut diamonds, buy from Rare Carat’s website.

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