All the reasons to choose Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have the impression of synthetically-produced stones which is evident that these cost way too cheap compared to natural diamonds. Moreover, the reputation of jewelry pieces that have man-made diamond settings makes them less of a luxury item, and people are still having second thoughts about choosing them over the real ones. That is why it is always advisable to read about the real quality and characteristics of Lab-grown diamonds that will surprise the way you think about them. An innovative diamond website shop generously established a convenient platform where you can find a complete buying guide of diamonds and an educational page where you can find the basic until the in-depth information about Lab-grown diamonds.

Creating Diamonds in Laboratories vs. Harvesting from Diamond Mines

Lab-grown diamonds have changed not only the industry but the scope of what the labor force can do in their daily work routines to come up with quality diamonds. Before, diamonds are mined from the hazardous surfaces of the earth which caused many injuries and mortality to a large number of workers. Meanwhile, the discovery of making lab-created diamonds makes the industry sustainable, practical, and wiser in the consumption process. The process of mining natural diamonds is very risky and the supplies hence are not renewable which can imbalance the ecosystem and deplete several landscapes and natural resources such as ores, limestones, and all other elements that are involved in the diamond mining industry.

The benefits of Lab-created diamonds

Nonetheless, real and natural diamonds have incomparable value, worth, and reputation but these qualities should not be the only basis for luxury and privilege. The discovery to create diamonds in laboratories has been such a blessing not only in the employment and environmental aspects but also in the fashion industry and economic reach of the diamond buyers.

Primarily, the lower cost of lab-grown diamonds makes high-end jewelry more reachable to many people. People don’t have to spend all their money or savings on a piece of diamond. More people will have the chance and opportunity to buy it for themselves or give it as a gift or offering. Moreover, these diamonds may not have the resale value compared to the real ones, but it is still surely an investment as it lasts forever and does not change their state when cared for properly.

How to find the highest quality lab-grown diamonds

Search for Diamond profiles through a competitive diamond supplier

The secret to finding the highest quality of Lab-grown diamonds with equal value and worth to natural diamonds is to look for it at the best store – Rare Carat.

Since lab-grown diamonds are created by different suppliers and manufacturers, there are varieties of lab-grown diamonds. That is why the lab-grown variants can have different characteristics compared to all other man-made ones. Some 1 carat diamonds may vary from $1900 to $21000 from each other according to colors, clarity, etc even when they have the same specifications. Another example is that 2 carat diamond may vary from $6000 to $59000 because the different manufacturers have different qualities of raw material suppliers or laboratory environments. etc. There are so many reasons why diamonds that are man-made vary from each other. Further, 3 carat diamonds also may vary from $28,000 to $121,000.

But it is a good thing that there is a platform which gives a complete Lab Grown Diamonds: Complete Buying Guide of Lab Diamonds | Rare Carat is the no. 1 marketplace that you can look for the best 1 carat to 3 carat diamonds. You can modify their search engine for the different lab grown diamond characteristics such as carat weight, color, clarity, and cut grade.

The social status of lab-grown diamonds and its contribution to society

In 2020, lab-grown diamond industry reach sales of at least $20 million. It grew by more than 5% in the succeeding years. man-created diamonds have started to make a scene even with Hollywood’s biggest stars like Hailey Bieber, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce Knowles, Dakota Johnson, and many others.

More than the brilliance it gives to its enthusiasts, wearing these diamonds is also like wearing your advocacy and social responsibility. Lab-grown diamonds have so much more to offer to future industries as diamonds will be more accessible to many people, not only in the world of fashion but also in the worlds of crafting and arts.