A History of Diamond Symbolism: Why We Value Diamonds for More Than Just Their Beauty

Diamonds have been a part of our society for thousands of years. A diamond is a symbol of purity and an expression of love. There are many different meanings behind what we see when we look at diamonds, but one facet that has been seen since time immemorial is that they are the hardest material on Earth. Diamonds have been known to be eternal and will never lose their shine or presence in any form. From  https://www.rarecarat.com/diamonds/slp/4-carat-diamonds, it is evident that diamonds are used for more than just a fashion statement or their beauty; they are used to show power and wealth, as well as symbolize eternity 

History of Diamonds

Diamonds have been noted as far back in time as 3500 B.C., in the ancient minefields of Golkonda located in India. The diamonds were mined by the ancient Indians. The ancient Indians also were able to cut diamonds at that time, but it was not as effective as today’s methods. Diamonds were seen as a reflection of light and was believed that they are from heaven, hence the name came from Sanskrit which means “unburned”.

In ancient Egypt, the main purpose of using diamonds was for carvings and tools. Egyptians also used diamonds to inscribe prayers on their tombs. This is one example of why diamonds have been symbolic of eternity: they do not fade and can last forever. The Romans believed that the diamond was a symbol of their god Apollo, for their fiery nature and ability to cut other stones. The Romans also used diamonds to magnify light, because of this it was not uncommon to use them in glasses as well as in sparking instruments. It was also believed that diamonds were used to foretell the future because they glittered when exposed to sunlight.

Reasons Why We Value Diamonds 

Diamonds are eternal and will never lose their shine. Here are some reasons why diamonds are valued more than just for their existence.

  1. Diamonds are expressions of love, beauty, and riches.

A diamond is a true symbol of wealth and power. It is one of the most desired pieces of jewelry because it shows everlasting love, as well as portrays a person’s wealth. Prince William gave Kate Middleton a diamond ring that cost $385,000, which was quite astonishing to many people. This shows how important diamonds are because it took a vast amount of wealth to buy such an item for his wife. A 2 carat diamond costs around $5,000 to $50,000 on https://www.rarecarat.com/diamonds/slp/3-carat-diamonds, which is a good price for such an item.

2  Diamonds reflect light.

Diamonds have been noted for their reflection of light as early as 3500 B.C. In Roman times, this property was found to be very useful in magnifying light and was commonly used in glasses to magnify objects hundreds of feet away. The current uses of diamonds are also commonly used to create sparkles, which is a sparkling substance that reflects light. 2-carat Diamonds can be found in many different colors such as blue, yellow, orange, and white.

3 Diamonds are eternal.

Diamonds last thousands of years and do not lose their shine, which is one reason why they are valued so much. No matter what the conditions are, diamonds will not diminish. Diamonds can be exposed to extreme conditions (hot/cold) and will still remain undamaged. Diamonds can also be left in seawater for centuries and will still remain undamaged.

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Diamonds are a part of our society and will continue to be a part of our future. They have been in existence for thousands of years and will never change. They show wealth, love, beauty, and eternity, hence making them the most desired piece of jewelry throughout the years. Although diamonds are extremely expensive and rare, they are still the best material out there because they reflect light, and show wealth on their own, it is eternal which symbolizes eternity; therefore diamonds are still one of the most valuable things you can get your hands on.