A Comparison of Lab-grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds in Terms of Quality, Price, and Sustainability

A diamond purchase will require more effort and research. While buying diamonds, you will have many options in natural and lab diamonds. Both will have positives and downsides. When mined ones top the list for their rarity, brilliance, and spectacular look, the lab options will get a preference for the price, fewer inclusions, and sustainability. You might be thinking about which one is a better choice. Your budget and unique requirements will decide your best. You can consider mined diamonds when you want natural and rare diamonds. However, you will have the guilt of wearing conflict diamonds and harming the environment. The lab diamonds can be perfect for those who want affordable and sustainable solutions. You can visit the Rare Carat website and find a suitable man made diamond. Check the price and 4Cs to get supreme quality and sparkle for your diamond jewelry.

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A Fair Comparison Between Lab and Mined Diamonds

Mined diamonds are natural diamonds and come from nature. The source is natural, but it involves a harmful mining process. Workers will dig during the mining and harm the environment. They will remove the upper layer of the soil, and it will cause pollution and impact the ecosystem and health of people working in those conditions. In brief, natural diamonds come from nature but are not environmentally friendly. Nature creates natural diamonds through intense pressure and heat over billions of years. Therefore, they are rare and expensive.

On the other hand, lab diamonds come from a lab. It is the main difference between a lab and mined diamond. The sources make them different. However, experts follow the same heat, pressure, and conditions to replicate the making process of mined diamonds when creating the lab ones. Therefore, you will not notice differences in the sparkle, look, and feel. More importantly, they will have the same properties and structures. However, lab diamonds take only a few weeks to form, but natural ones take billions of years. You can find a great collection of Engagement Rings in both diamonds on Rare Carat. Focus on color, clarity, carat, and cut to find the best fit.

Both natural and lab diamonds will have many similarities and a few differences. We will compare the quality, price, and sustainability in the following.

A Comparison of Lab-grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds in Terms of Quality, Price, and Sustainability


You will not notice any difference between the quality of natural and lab diamonds. Even experts will need specific tools to check the difference. In brief, both will appear the same in terms of brilliance. However, lab diamonds are purer than natural diamonds and will have fewer inclusions. You can check a lab and natural diamond with the same carat and clarity. There will not be any noticeable difference. Both will appear exceptional and can add charm and sophistication to your personality.


There will be a significant difference in the price of natural and lab diamonds. Natural diamonds are rare, and the rarity contributes to their cost. However, lab diamonds are affordable. You can have them by spending forty to fifty percent less than mined ones. Since lab diamonds are less expensive, you can have unique cuts and larger ones.


Lab diamonds are more sustainable and do not involve a harmful mining process. Sustainability is one of the noticeable differences between lab and mined diamonds. Moreover, many prefer lab diamonds for their environmental-friendly nature and sustainability.

Lab and natural diamonds are the same in chemical and physical properties. However, there will be differences in price, sustainability, and inclusions. You can have high-quality lab diamonds and wear them confidently. Visit the Rare Carat website and find the best cut and clarity. Choose your ring style and get it delivered to your doorstep.