8 Simple Upgrades To Make To Your Bedroom

The bedroom is perhaps the most essential part of the house. After all, it’s where we spend most of our time. But in places like Philadelphia, which are at the lower end of the spectrum of average home sizes[a], we really have to make do with what we have: outdated fixtures, cramped floor space, insufficient lighting – the problems are never-ending. And with the increasingly competitive housing market, it is getting more and more difficult for people to purchase their ideal house.

But don’t worry. You don’t need to break the bank or hire an interior designer for your dream bedroom. Read on as we share 8 simple upgrades and design techniques that can add a touch of comfort and style to your bedroom.

  1. New Mattress

Let’s start with the most critical part of the bedroom: the bed. The single best improvement you can make to your bed is replacing the mattress. This holds especially true in humid climate areas like Philadelphia, where humidity can lead to water damage, molding, and mattress sagging.

It may not do much to visually upgrade your bedroom, but its impact on your comfort is undeniable. Imagine this: no more waking up with muscle stiffness and no more of those noisy springs that make you feel like you’re sleeping on a trampoline.

Now, if you’re in the market for a new mattress, we highly recommend checking out the Philadelphia Mattress Company online. They offer the best premium quality mattresses, and here’s the bonus: you’ll score the best deals by buying directly from the factory rather than going through retailers. Your back and your wallet will thank you.

  1. Wall Art

Bare walls can be a bit dull, so hang up some artwork. 3-piece paintings are very trendy right now, and understandably so. When hung side by side, they create a captivating visual that fits seamlessly over your bed, offering the perfect backdrop. And if you’re feeling artsy, you can even paint your own masterpiece. Express your creativity and craft something that’s uniquely yours.

But if you’re more of a movie buff or a music lover, posters can be a fantastic option. Whether it’s your favorite movies, iconic albums, or legendary artists, these posters let you showcase your interests and add vibrance to your space.

You can also create a ‘Wall of Memories’. Dedicate an entire wall to your life’s adventures. Hang up maps, travel photos, postcards, and Polaroids that remind you of your most cherished moments.

  1. Rug

Stepping onto a soft rug when you get out of bed? It’s a simple pleasure that can make your mornings better. And it also adds a touch of texture to your bedroom.

When venturing into the realm of rugs, remember that it’s not just about the feel but also the look. Your choice of rug can tie the room together and set the tone for your bedroom’s ambiance. Try to choose a rug that complements your bedroom’s color scheme.

If your chosen rug introduces a new accent color to the room, use it to create a more cohesive look. Think about adding matching details that echo that newfound hue. It could be as simple as tossing in some pillows or placing a vase of the same color on your nightstand or dresser. These small additions work like magic, making your space feel more organized and put together.

  1. Tissue Box Cover

We don’t give it much thought, but those unsightly branded tissue boxes can really disrupt the aesthetic of your carefully curated bedroom. But tissue box covers have turned a utility item into a conversation-starting piece of art.

The options are diverse, from luxurious leather boxes that exude elegance to whimsical designs like white miniature houses with tissues emerging from chimneys. From chic and sophisticated to quirky and creative, there is a cover for every aesthetic.

  1. Extra Seating

If the only seating you have in the bedroom is your bed, adding extra seating can be a game-changer. It improves the room’s visual appeal and extends a welcoming hand when you have guests to accommodate.

A sofa or a chair can be a superb addition. Not only does it provide a comfortable place to sit, but it also brings an element of sophistication and balance to your space.

If you’re going for more of a laid-back vibe, throw in a bean bag. It’s perfect for those lazy Sunday afternoons when you’re more interested in binge-watching than sitting up straight.

Hammocks are another great option. You can easily install a sturdy hammock chair or even a full-sized hammock in a corner of your room. It can be a cozy spot for reading, daydreaming, or sipping your morning coffee.

  1. Mirror

Mirrors are not just for perfecting your hair or taking mirror selfies. They’re the secret sauce almost every interior designer sprinkles when crafting a bedroom. When strategically placed near windows, mirrors can help bounce light across the room, creating a more luminous atmosphere.

But that’s not all — a well-placed mirror can even give the impression that your room is bigger than it actually is. In fact, if you opt for a wide ceiling-to-floor mirror, you cannot just increase but double the perceived size of your room!

  1. Floating Shelves

Add a set of floating shelves to an open spot on your wall, and you’ve got yourself a stylish and practical upgrade. These shelves provide you with additional storage space and do so without taking up your precious floor area. It’s a win-win solution.

Plus, they’re incredibly versatile. You can use them to showcase your favorite knick-knacks, display your treasured books, or even corral your keys and coffee mugs.

  1. Scented Candles

Last but not least, let’s talk about scented candles. These little wonders can instantly create a soothing ambiance that makes your room more inviting.

Scented candles have also garnered scientific recognition for alleviating anxiety and stress. Each scent carries a unique power. Lavender, for instance, can induce relaxation. On the other hand, peppermint can rouse you from slumber and sharpen your focus. And vanilla can uplift your mood and turn even the most taxing day into a pleasant experience.


Remember, these upgrades don’t have to happen all at once. Take it step by step and have fun making your bedroom a place where you genuinely love to unwind. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference these little touches can make.