6 Characteristics to Look for in a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having experienced medical malpractice or if a loved one has been subjected to it, you probably have a lot of questions. 

Obviously, your well-being or that of your family member is what’s most important. However, the type of long-term care you receive could depend greatly on the steps you take following the malpractice.

Any experienced medical malpractice lawyer Connecticut will tell you how important it is to treat your case with urgency. You should get in touch with a qualified legal professional ASAP. You cannot trust the healthcare provider or insurance companies to look out for your interests. All too often, they are most concerned with protecting themselves financially and professionally. So, if you require a skilled malpractice attorney, search for one with these qualities:

  1. Specializes in Medical Malpractice Law 

Although many attorneys may practice in various areas of the law, that does not make them experts. These cases involve a lot of medically-specific language, procedures, and other information. Having a working knowledge of these things can make a significant difference in the quality of your representation.

  1. Experience and a History of Success

A winning track record bodes well for a prospective malpractice attorney. You also want someone who has a reasonably extensive history of dealing with these types of cases. These kinds of lawyers usually have a good list of contacts, experts, and investigators to collaborate with, if necessary.

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  1. Access to Expert Medical Knowledge

We’ve touched on the importance of having access to experts and consultants, but it’s actually one of the biggest aspects of malpractice law. A medical malpractice lawyer in Connecticut that has a solid network of healthcare professionals to call on for information or as an expert witness is a major asset to your case.

  1. Strong and Diverse Representation Skills

It takes a lot more than the legal “razzle-dazzle” that you see on TV to win cases in the real world. Many times, the practice of law is very tedious. However, this is where cases are usually won and lost. 

Most malpractice cases are settled through negotiation. So, although it’s important to have a good courtroom representative, having a skilled negotiator is equally beneficial.

  1. Analytical Skills and an Eye for Detail

Malpractice cases often require a meticulous touch. Strong analytical skills, along with a good eye for detail, should be a must-have in your attorney. They must be able to review highly technical medical records, as well as find discrepancies in expert opinion and/or testimony. 

  1. Genuine Compassion for Their Clients

The aftermath of medical malpractice is always difficult and can be very physically and emotionally taxing. Being treated like a person rather than just another case number can have a huge impact on your attitude and frame of mind as you navigate this difficult time.

Locating this Type of Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Connecticut

As you have probably figured out, finding the right attorney for your malpractice case takes time, effort, and careful consideration. This moment in your life is far too important to partner with someone who doesn’t possess the proper skill and traits to be consistently successful in these types of cases. Make certain that you choose wisely when deciding on who will represent you.