4 Reasons Sevierville Is A Good Family Vacation Spot

When choosing a place to vacation, what factors do you look for? Generally, most people like visiting sites that have beautiful scenic views and give them a front-seat look at nature, while others chase after hidden gems where the food is divine and there are plenty of kid-friendly activities for the children. Fortunately, there is a place that combines all of these factors and yet continues to offer you more. Whether looking for food, natural beauty, attractions, or comfort, Sevierville has you covered. This mountain town is located in east Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. 

So if you want to spend your holiday in Tennessee, away from the concrete jungle and in the presence of lush greenery, you will have a great time here. And if you’re worried about your children telling you they are “bored” while on vacation here, that would definitely not be the case.

Let’s look at all the reasons why Sevierville will make for a great family vacation spot. 

1. The Food Will Leave Your Taste Buds Singing

No one does comfort food better than the South. Sevierville is known for having some of the most delicious eateries in the Great Smoky Mountains area. You can always find restaurants serving culinary delicacies like deep-fried catfish, warm strudel, and a hearty serving of steak. But one of the most popular and well-loved eateries is the Apple Barn in Sevierville which is the go-to place if you want healthier grilled items or classic southern meals like fried chicken, dumplings, and chicken pot pie. Above all, the wine served here is made from locally grown apples. You will want to return for more once you get a sip of their cider. And if you visit during the fall, you can watch the cider being made.

You can also taste sweet fruit wine combinations like apple-peach, apple-strawberry, and apple-raspberry. If you want to enjoy a warm meal with your family and enjoy the comfort of their company, head down here. 

2. Dollywood

One of the most famous attractions in the area – Dollywood, is a theme park where every Smoky Mountains visitor goes. So, if you have children or are looking for a way to make your trip thrilling, you must go to Dollywood. It is roughly a ten minutes drive from Sevierville to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. Therefore, you don’t have to travel far for a fun-filled day. 

Besides having numerous rides to explore, Dollywood hosts vibrant festivals filled with music, food, and entertainment. However, if you’re more interested in amusement park rides, Dollywood houses more than 50 world-class rides, out of which the Lightning Rod is the most notable. This ride launches riders 20 stories into the air, and it goes from zero to 45 mph in a matter of seconds. 

Once you summit, you will come back down at a speed of 73 miles per hour, which is extremely fast for a roller coaster. But that’s not all the lightning rod does; the ride also turns about 90 degrees in a non-inverting half-loop, which is enough to make your heart race.

3. Breathtaking Attractions

Architecture, monuments, and remnants of history, such as buildings, make any place attractive, and Sevierville is loaded with them. The area is packed with activities. You can race on go-karts, make a quick trip to the petting zoo and feed goats, or head over to the many museums across the city. For example, if you are fascinated by serial killers and want to know more about them, then Alcatraz East is the place to be. This museum is about 12 minutes from Sevierville, in Pigeon Forge, which means you will enjoy another road trip before arriving at your destination. Popular displays include Ted Bundy’s notorious VW Beetle and the typewriter he used in prison. You will also get to see the famous White Ford Bronco in person, which carried OJ Simpson as he attempted to flee the police, which resulted in becoming the most viewed televised car chase. 

However, if you’re looking for a tamer educational experience, you should check out the Salt and Peppers Museum. This establishment has over 37,000 unique salt shakers for you to view, along with an enjoyable tour of the museum.

4. Glorious Sevierville Cabins

Your lodgings play a significant role in determining whether a holiday is enjoyable or not. This is what makes Sevierville so unique. There are hundreds of cabins for you to explore from that give you an incredible view of the mountains, and take you right to the heart of the forest, where you can hear the sounds of nature. These cabins are also built away from each other, so if it’s privacy you seek, you can easily get that. 

Furthermore, unlike hotels, cabins have far more amenities to offer. You will get to relish a functioning kitchen, a giant fireplace, home theater, and if you splurge extra, a jacuzzi can also be a part of your cabin. These facilities can bring you closer to your family and create an exciting bonding experience. You can cook meals together, watch movies, and play with your children outside. Staying close to nature can also mentally heal you. The massive reduction in noise pollution and crowds can give you a much-needed breather.

Final Thoughts

You should never deny yourself the privilege of going on a holiday. After all, vacations and time off from work can mentally rejuvenate you. If you have been searching for the perfect spot to visit with your family, try your luck at Sevierville. East Tennessee makes for the ideal holiday destination. While it may not be as glamorous as Disneyland or as popular as Universal Studios, the town carries its own charm. The food, atmosphere, and unique attractions will all make your holiday enjoyable.

On top of that, nothing brings you closer to your family than shared experiences, especially in places where you are surrounded by nature. So what are you waiting for? Prepare your bags now and get ready to dive into all the South has to offer.

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